Putnam County asked to revise its retailer fee law


CARMEL — State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, is asking the Putnam County Legislature and the Putnam County Executive to take another look at a law enacted four months ago intended to provide consumers with accurate price information on products.

The “Item Pricing” law, enacted Nov. 13, 2012,  requires that prices of items for sale agree with shelf and advertising prices.  This law entails an annual fee for inspection based on square feet of retail space. At  the top end of the scale is $15,000  fee for stores with more than 60,001-square-feet of retail space.

In his Feb. 25th letter, Ball asks Putnam officials to review the new ‘item pricing’ schedule saying that the higher rates for the waiver makes the county unfriendly to business. He says his office has received calls from “local employers and business leaders, stating their bewilderment and opposition to a recent anti-business action by Putnam County.”

Opponents are specifically concerned with the highest-end of the fee schedule  that brings the fee for an item price label waiver up to $15,000 per year in the county, Ball explains.

“We need to keep New York open for business. Revising the new ‘item pricing’ fee schedule to be more conducive to local businesses is worthy of our leaders consideration,” said Ball in his press release. “I urge Putnam County officials to work with all concerned parties to develop a remedy. I stand ready to assist in any way.”

Here is Ball’s letter:

Sen. Greg Ball letter to Putnam County by


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  1. What is an item price label waiver? It would be helpful if this were defined. The intent of the law/regulation, to protect the consumer, seems unexceptional.

    The Senator does not mention the consumer, but shares with us his concern for “important members of the business community.” Do consumers get the trickle-down benefits?

  2. Barbara L. Nackman on

    Tom: Exactly. My colleague Cara Matthews is working on a story delving deeper into this topic. It is slated to run Friday. Thanks for raising good questions.