Cuomo: “I’m proud of the law. I’m proud of what we did”


Gov. Andrew Cuomo defended the state’s gun-control law today as about 5,000 gun-rights activists protested at the Capitol.

Speaking to reporters after an event in Brooklyn, Cuomo said he understands that gun-control is a controversial issue. But he said the law was needed as gun violence has plagued the nation for decades, particularly over the past few months.

He said polls have shown that nearly 70 percent of New Yorkers support the law, saying the 30 percent are the vocal minority. A Siena College poll Feb. 4 showed that 65 percent of voters supported the law.

“I’m very proud that this state finally made progress with a comprehensive bill, but an intelligent bill,” Cuomo said. “I am gun owner. This is not about taking anyone’s gun. This is not about saying there is no such thing as the Second Amendment.”

Cuomo said the state isn’t out to take away the guns of lawful owners. ”

People think that government is going to come and literally take their guns away. That’s not what it’s about, but it is a reasonable approach that basically keeps guns out of the hands of criminals and people who are mentally ill. That’s what this is,” he continued.

Cuomo added, “I’m proud of the law. I’m proud of what we did. I believe it will literally save lives. I believe it’s long overdue. To the extent there’s controversy on the issue, there has been for decades, and that’s to be expected.”

Cuomo reiterated that the state may exempt film productions from the assault-weapons ban, but said it’s not really an issue because he doesn’t believe real guns with ammunition are used on set.

“A question has come up: Can you use an assault weapon in filing a movie in New York? I believe the answer is yes because there not real guns that they are using in a movie. They are fake guns with blanks,” he said.


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  1. Ignorant people pushing laws over things they know nothing about. Governors statements are comical and shows what he actually knows about guns.

  2. Oh goodness, I sure hope the national news does not pick up coverage of these 12,000 (Fred Dicker’s number reported) angry gun owners. I thought the few bucks I threw them for lower fishing fees would help. I gave Hollywood 500 million dollars to glorify violence, and I am exempting certain citizens from the new laws. What more can I do to sway some of these constitutional rights protesters back to my side for re-election? I am the greatest man to ever walk the face of the Earth, but maybe I should have let lawmakers read the bill before the forced vote in the middle of the night.

  3. The USA constitution does NOT ensure that the rights of a minority will withstand the desire(s) of the majority, these people protesting need to learn to read!

  4. Some time ago, I worked with the wife of someone on Gov Cuomo’s (The Elder) staff. Almost every day she would come into the office and talk of Andy’s temper tantrums, demands and arrogance. There was no exaggeration, as she was a “tell it like it is” type of person. A few years later, I ran into one of his law school buddies who corroborated just about all of the stories as spot on. He is a tyrant, just listen to him lecture Fred Dicker. What the administration did to the DOT engineers on Long Island and in the North Country exemplifies this. Furthermore, the nonsense of the way the State is handling emergency management situations is classic smoke and mirrors. They fired the consultant brought in who found all kinds of abuse. It just goes on and on and the media/press does nothing. Once again the New York electorate has been hoodwinked, first Steamroller Eliot, now Prince Andrew. I never thought I would even think of saying…”Bring back the accidental governor, but at least he was harmless.