Will Remington Arms stay in New York?


Local officials in central New York warned of the impact should Remington Arms, a gun manufacturer in Ilion, Herkimer County, decide to pull out of the state.

Vincent Bono, chairman of the Herkimer County Legislature, and John Stephens, Ilion mayor, attended a gun-rights rally in Albany on Thursday afternoon. They said Remington employs 1,300 people directly and has an economic impact of $150 million.

Remington employees were among the thousands at the protest, showing their support by wearing green. One protester’s sign read: “Founded in 1816: Remington stays, Cuomo goes!”

“(Remington has) been pretty silent, which I guess from my standpoint, if I was that business, I probably would, too,” Stephens said. “They’re weighing their options. The reality is there, certainly.”

The mayor said his constituents are “nervous — reasonably so.”

Bono said the localities have taken many steps to keep Remington in the area during recent years. Herkimer County invested $2 million a few years ago, which was exceeded by the company’s $12 million private investment, and the village allowed Remington to operate on municipal power, cutting its costs significantly.

“We’ve done everything possible, to this point, to keep them here,” Stephens said. “Between the county, the village and the state — ironically, the state has invested in them as well ––now all of a sudden, it seems like they’re not good enough to be here.

“Remington is Ilion; Ilion is Remington. They belong here,” he finished.

Bono said: “For 197 years, they’ve been in Ilion, New York, and we’d like to see them celebrate their 200th birthday in Herkimer County.”


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  1. Gary M. Hartman, Herkimer Coo. Legislator Dist 1 on

    There are many reasons for Remington to remain in Ilion

    Editor: Many stories in the local media have focused on the SAFE Act and the courting of Remington Arms by other states’ representatives.

    There are many positive benefits of Remington’s current location that should also receive attention that make Ilion the ideal location for the continued growth of Remington Arms, including:

    ? A dedicated world-class workforce that already possesses the necessary skills and knowledge of the industry;

    ? Inexpensive Ilion municipal power thanks to the efforts of Ilion officials and members of the community;

    ? A $2 million investment by Herkimer County toward Remington Arms equipment upgrades in 2009;

    ? A history of support from Republican and Democrat New York State administration officials and state representatives that has resulted in the investment of over $6 million by New York state in recent years to assist Remington Arms’ efforts which have made the existing location a state-ofthe- art firearms manufacturing facility;

    ? A history of support from Democrats and Republicans from the New York State Congressional Delegation that has enabled Remington to secure over $200 million in federal military contracts in recent years.

    The SAFE Act does not change any of the foregoing factors. It also does not limit the manufacture of any of the firearms made in Ilion, or the sale of them to civilians in other states. CNN recently reported that Bushmaster weapons, which are now made in Ilion, are used by more than 100 police departments and by the militaries of 50 nations. Certainly, there is still a market for the weapons under the SAFE Act or under any federal ban that is under consideration. A Remington Arms re-location would change none of that. There are many compelling reasons for Remington Arms to stay right here in Ilion.

    Gary M. Hartman,

    Herkimer County Legislator, District 1

  2. With all due respect, Gary, you just don’t get it. It’s the PRINCIPAL of it. They aren’t considering leaving Herkimer County because the incentives aren’t good enough or that they are upset with the the town or the county, they are considering leaving because of what the STATE legislators have done to violate New Yorkers unconditional Constitutional rights!!! They are considering leaving on principal, for the sake of standing up for the Constitution, making a stand, making a statement. Just as Magpul is going to do by leaving Colorado. I’m positive Remington wants to stay and celebrate their 200th in your country, but they are considering leaving because they have to stand up for what they believe in. My grandfather told me, “A man without honor is like a fish without gills.”

    The next state elections will see all of the traitors cleaned out, mark my words!