First gun-law flip flop? Long Island senator says SAFE Act a “mistake”


A Long Island Republican says his vote in favor of New York’s new gun-control law was a “mistake” and is now co-sponsoring a bill to repeal it.

Freshman Sen. Phil Boyle, R-Suffolk County, issued a news release on Friday detailing his change of heart, criticizing the way the bill was rushed through the Legislature. The new law — known as the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, or SAFE Act — violates the Second Amendment, Boyle claims.

From Boyle’s statement:

“The so-called SAFE act was a mistake. Its passage lacked transparency and public input and its wording was ill-conceived and of questionable legality. Lawmakers like myself might have caught these mistakes if we were given more than two hours to read the bill. A good leader admits a mistake and works to rectify it. That is what I am doing.”

Boyle was one of eight Long Island Republicans to vote in favor of the bill, which broadens New York’s assault-weapons ban and further limits the capacity of magazines. (The ninth Long Island GOPer, Lee Zeldin, was excused from the chamber, but has said he would have voted against it.)

The Long Island bloc provided key support for the bill in the Senate, which passed it by a 43-18 vote.

Boyle signed onto a bill from Saratoga Sen. Kathy Marchione that would repeal major parts of the SAFE Act.

“This is an important opportunity to start over and pass these reforms the way we should, through a comprehensive process that involves public hearings and thorough debate,” Boyle said in his statement. “Only then will we pass a law that enhances public safety and protects law abiding gun-owners’ rights.”


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  1. So, let me fully understand the freshman Senator. He voted Yes on legislation that he didn’t have enough time to read in order to fully understand how it affected his constituents and the rest of the citizens of NY State. Now that he has finally read and undetands the legislation and thought about the railroading that he was a willing participant – he has had a change of heart and realizes it was a “mistake” to pass such flawed legislation. And we are to believe he came to this epiphany in the absence of the incredible browbeating I know he received from the lawful gun ownrs of the State of NY. If this is how the new Senator plans on voting on future legislation, he’s in for a very bumpy and short ride as a NY State Senator. I only hope he works as hard to fix his “mistake” as he did in screwing the lawful gun owners of NY.

  2. ” He voted Yes on legislation that he didn’t have enough time to read in order to fully understand”?
    This is standard operating procedure now, just think of all the time it saves, time better spent on the cocktail circuit or molesting children.

  3. He is using the RINO playbook: vote for it, then sponsor a bill that’s against it which is destined to fail, then talk only about the fact that he sponsored the bill.

  4. Too late… He’s done for next election. Hopefully someone beats him in the primaries.

  5. Sen. Phil Boyle, just resign. You were elected to represent the people and it’s all too obvious that you cannot fullfill this obligation by not reading what you are asked to vote on. This is the job description if I’m not mistaken.

  6. Whether he now votes to repeal this abomination of a law or not he is done….we WILL remember in November!!!

  7. The true test of his convictions is whether he aggressively and succesfully opposes the exemptions for Law Enforcement. If he weakly votes for LE exemption, you know he’s faking his new found interest in the Right of Self Defense.

  8. My rookie assemblyman here in Albany County did the same thing!
    The only difference is that he is a known leftwing antigun nut.

  9. This is the old “oh crap I voted for this and now people want to lynch can I get myself reelected now?” scumbag, take a minute to read the bill and if it looks shady you probably shouldn’t vote for it not do whatever prince Cuomo wants

  10. ANY representative that votes YES on a bill that they weren’t allowed the time to fully read and understand should be fired immediately. By doing so it is impossible for them to be representing the people that elected them. Phil is a coward and a traitor, PERIOD. “Sorry” after the fact is meaningless and unacceptable.

  11. Albany Citizen on

    Secund Amendment does not talk of self defence at all. The Senator has done the right thing. He has voted for what he considered right. Now he is trying to backtrack under influence of a small vocal and influential section of electorate. For a peaceful America, guns is not the answer. The answer is SNUG.

  12. elspectrenegra on

    Albany Citizen commented “The Senator has done the right thing. He has voted for what he considered right.” That is the ENTIRE problem. Boyle doesn’t get paid to do what he thinks is right, he gets paid to vote for what his constituency tells him to vote for. Former Senator Roy McDonald learned that the hard way – I don’t give a damn what your conscience tells you to vote for, you vote for what we tell you to vote for.

    And, Mr. Boyle, a great leader doesn’t vote “aye” on a 25,000 word law that he was given 20 minutes to read. Apology notwithstanding, go to hell.

  13. Just like the Hairbrain Jerk Nancy Pelosi said. WE WILL FIND OUT WHAT IS IN THE BILL AFTER THEY PASS IT. Well we are now finding out that it is a KILLER for us taxpayers.

  14. Definition of a liberal: Weak, soft, often homosexual, goodie-tooshoo who is afraid of guns and always expects the government to take care of them, even if it means trading away their freedoms like the right to bear arms

  15. Mr. Boyle you shouldn’t have voted yes to a bill that you weren’t given enough time to read over. You should have known some thing was up when Gov. Cuomo rushed this through. I hope you fix the mistake you made. I would hate to have to vote against you when you come up for reelection.