Flashback: Andrew Cuomo with a shotgun, hunting pheasant


With Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers facing an increasingly vocal opposition from gun owners and Second Amendment activists, we were drawn to a photo from the archives: Cuomo, in full camouflage, holding a shotgun.

The Associated Press file photo dates back to 2000, when Cuomo was Housing and Urban Development secretary under then-President Bill Clinton. According to the AP, it shows Cuomo getting ready for a pheasant hunt in Savannah, Wayne County.

Cuomo, an avid outdoorsman, has been the focus of rallies across the state taking issue with the New York Secure Ammunitions and Firearms Act, a broad package of gun-control laws pushed by Cuomo that broadened the state’s restrictions on assault weapons and magazines.

The Democratic governor has said he owns a Remington shotgun for hunting purposes, though his office said it hasn’t been used recently.

In Brooklyn on Thursday, Cuomo said he is “very proud” of the new gun laws, which he said will “literally save lives.”

“I am gun owner. This is not about taking anyone’s gun,” Cuomo said. “This is not about saying there is no such thing as the Second Amendment.”

(AP File Photo/Michael Okoniewski)


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  1. Seriously, if wearing a Halloween costume makes you a member of the depicted profession, or a garb signifier of an activity, wearing Darth Vader outfit would automatically make you a Sith Lord.

    For the delusional Post-Wilson progressive statist collectivist communists, these are public SERVANTS. Let me repeat that: SERVANTS.

    The State, and its hacks have ZERO inherent ‘rights’ other than what the citizenry explicitly allow it to have. Who the hell told you, and your likens in Govt, that you had any right to strip away a natural right?

    You have free speech…until you harm someone. Same goes for 2nd Amd. I don’t have to justify a “need” that’s why it’s called a right.

    But seeing as how you clueless hoplophobes repeatedly insist that no one “needs” an AR15, or its STANDARD capacity 30rd magazine, ask the Tucson, AZ homeowner who got raided by 5 thugs with an AR15, who was able to fend them off, precisely because the homeowner ALSO deployed his own AR15.

    Watch and learn… about actual Real-life lethal encounters, not what you were brainwashed with from all the “professionals”… on TV and Film:


    Cuomo and his ilk can have his 15min, because even by the pathetic DC vs. Heller decision, any firearm commonly in use cannot be banned. In case you don’t know, 15~19rds are commonly used in most modern handguns from the Beretta M9, Glock 19/17/22, Springfield Armory XD/XDm, and 30rd are STANDARD magazine size for 10million+ AR15’s in existence which happens to be the most popular commercially sold rifle in America.

    In an ‘fair’ universe, any politician who even remotely conspires to infringe (that means to limit access to, to the illiterate population) the 2nd Amendment is guilty of TREASON, at the least perjuring their Constitutional Oath that ALL public servants take upon their inaugural service date.

    So whine away victim disarmists, whine away. You can cite all the BS Brady pushpolls and fake stats you want; that alone should tell you just how gullible they think you all are: the actual trajectory of gunownership and gun culture is getting younger, more diverse (both more women and ‘minorities’), and popular than ever. You can delude in the comfort of their BS meme of ‘less owners are buying more’ all you want. Even if you’re a gungrabber and want to defeat us, you have to operate from reality; if you lie to yourselves about 115million gunowners as 38million, where does that really get you?

    We’re winning, and this is your last hurrah. Enjoy your 15min, traitors of the Republic.

  2. this photo is cut to remove the semiautomatic illegal guns being used by his hunting companions. His hat does NOT cover the fact he is also using a semi automatic shotgun……

  3. this is a cropped photo and “THEY” srcubbed the original with all of this companions all hunting with semi automatic weapons.