Senate GOP pushes for property-tax rebates


Senate Republicans today are unveiling a tax-relief package that would restore the popular property-tax rebate checks for homeowners and expand tax breaks for middle-class families.

“Our tax relief and fairness plan will provide a major economic boost to New York’s middle class families by increasing tax breaks that have not kept pace with inflation, and, in some instances, haven’t adjusted for more than 25 years,” the GOP conference said in a statement. “The plan also restores the STAR Rebate Check Program to provide real and direct relief to millions of New Yorkers who pay some of the highest property taxes in the country.”

The rebate checks were started in the mid-2000s by Senate Republicans, but ended in 2009 when Democrats held the majority and the state faced a $17 billion budget gap.

Democrats, who share control of the Senate and lead the Assembly, have not indicated whether they would support the Republicans’ proposal. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also been leery of new tax breaks, saying the state would be hard pressed to afford them.

Republicans, who lost their 32-seat majority last November in the Senate, share the majority with the five-member Independent Democratic Conference. in 2010, IDC leader Sen. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, supported the return of the checks.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, R-Nassau County, is set to unveil their tax-relief package Monday morning.

Among the proposals include increasing the dependent tax-exemption from $1,000 to $2,020 per dependent. The exemption hasn’t increased since 1987, Republicans said.

They would also increase the dependent care credit for taxpayers with children and the child tax credit, from $330 to $375. It was last changed in 2006.

The STAR Rebate Check program has provided $1.3 billion in tax relief by providing direct checks to homeowners each fall, ranging from $250 to more than $900.


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  1. Where are Stewart-Cousins & Latimer?

    Silent as usual when it comes to tax breaks, but a tax hike? They’re usually right in there. Why don’t our senators “get it” that NY is one of the highest taxed states in the nation & work to give something back to the residents?

    And the tax cap? For get about it, neither supports it & both will push for its repeal because they’re endorsed by the WFP and the tax cap goes against their platform because they’re the public union party.

    This is why the NYS Senate needs to be controlled by the Republicans. Too much power to either party isn’t good.

  2. Jackson Davies on

    Cant trust a politician named Dean with a smile such as that.
    Where are the accountants to tell us how much more this will add to the deficit.

  3. Mr. Davies, wrong government! None of this will add to the state deficit because unlike the federal government, the state’s budget has to be balanced so in order to do this somethings will need to be cut.