Large majority of Cortlandt Democratic district leaders endorse Bramson for Westchester county executive


The campaign of Noam Bramson for Westchester county executive just announced that Bramson, the mayor of the New Rochelle, got 68 percent of the votes Tuesday night from the Cortlandt Democratic Committee.

Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins of Yonkers got 27 percent and Legislator Bill Ryan of White Plains got 5 percent of the votes.

The email from Jeremy Sherber, Bramson’s campaign manager, to campaign supporters said: “That’s a huge landslide for Noam, and it’s significant for at least two reasons:

• Aside from the home cities of the candidates, Cortlandt is the first community in Westchester to weigh in on the County Executive contest, and that makes the result here the first fair test of the campaign on “neutral” ground.

• Cortlandt (which includes the Villages of Croton-on-Hudson and Buchanan) is the largest community in northern Westchester, a region with growing Democratic strength that will be vital to victory in November.”

Sherber cautioned supporters to keep the vote in perspective as the real test is the April 24 Democratic county convention.

Photo: County executive candidate and New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson


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  1. North of the Hutch on

    Mr. Borrow & Tax can’t balance the books in New Rochelle, how’s going to handle the county budget?

  2. There are more deer shiting on

    Noam is not the answer. Unlike Jenkins, he has not raised taxes EVERY year since he has been in office. 10 years plus. Noam loves taxes.

  3. You’re right. Everyone knows what an amazing tax record Jenkins has. He’s been sounding the trumpet of tax relief for years… Wait. No. He voted for every Spano budget.

  4. November Five on

    Woweee. The right wing woke up after squatting low as the courts rules against the little man in the last week….

  5. I can’t wait until the Dem nomination is made…any one of these free spenders will be crushed in November.

  6. Jackson Davies on

    Just like Romney prevailed with his spew; same for Astorino; the small man will be rendered irrelevant and an error

  7. Explain Yourself on

    Why do the Republicians keep harping on the tax issue at the conty level, when according to your own people when defending themselves against Coluccio stated that the county tax is ONLY 18% of the total tax bill and 80% of that is State Mandated.Example- $24,000 tax bill, 18%= $4,320 – 80% = $864.00, of which goes to paying Astorino’s extremely top heavy do nothing people,all Legislatures and costs with that,Road and Bridge Maintenance, traffic ligts and signs plowing. Then there’s Labs and Research, County Police, Westchester Airport, Dept. of Public Works Design and Build/Repair of county infrastructure, The HIGH cost of Design/Engineering Consultants (they have to be paid also), Maintenance and operating costs of all County buildings and vehicles (fuel,gas,electricity,heat & AC). I’m sure there’s more to this list but you get the picture. SO, how do the salaries and benefits of a few, supposedly cause the Astorino Administration financial Distress ????

  8. FertelnoGenius on

    Bramson has been proven to have Disdain for our country’s military even as far back as his days at Harvard as a Student Council Member.
    His record with the local veteran groups is atrocious.
    With Bramson it is always his way or the highway.
    He has run New Rochelle like Boss Tweed, not only does he love raising taxes and fee’s but he has fail on every project that he tried to ram home. The New Rochelle Tax Payers have paid the price, the school district has been harmed by every Bramson Move. If Elected County executive it can only get worse. Westchester is already the Highest Taxed place in America. Throw in Bramson and it will get worse.