Friends of Rye Town Park urges Westchester legislators to support Sustainable Playland’s proposal for Playland Park


Friends of Rye Town Park, a volunteer group that supports the park along the shore just to the south of Playland Park, sent a letter to the Board of Legislators dated Feb. 20 endorsing Sustainable Playland’s proposal for reinventing its historic neighbor. Sustainable Playland, a group that grew out of Rye, wants to shrink the amusement park and bring in other activities to make Playland a year-round park.

“Our concern is that you award a management contract to the group whose proposal for Playland has the most broad-based appeal for the entire Westchester community, while protecting the shoreline and environment, maintaining Playland’s landmark status and offering financial gain that has eluded the county for years,” wrote Linda Wells, the president of the Friends.

“Sustainable Playland’s proposal meets those criteria. The recreational, cultural, educational and social components of their plan serve to establish Playland as a year-round destination supported by a variety of user groups — designed with respect for the shoreline, Playland’s history and the environment.”

County Executive Rob Astorino chose Sustainable Playland last year to take over the park and is negotiating a contract with the group without input from the Board of Legislators. But the Board of Legislators must approve any major changes to the park, according to a recent opinion by County Attorney Robert Meehan, and the board is reviewing the top proposals for Playland in a review running parallel to the administration process.


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    This group from Rye Town has a very provincial stake in this and is totally biased towards removing the Playland Park as we know it.
    Maybe many of these people should not have purchased homes near an amusement park if they feel that they dont want others to enjoy Playland park that is FOR ALL WESTCHESTER residents, not just for those who live in Rye.