Critical of stadium funding as “a luxury,” Katz wears Buffalo Bills hat in chamber


Assemblyman Steve Katz, R-Yorktown, Westchester County, is continuing to defend his critical comments about $60 million in funding for upgrades to the Buffalo Bills’ stadium.

Talking to Gannett’s WGRZ in Buffalo yesterday, Katz again questioned the funding for the project and defended the billions of dollars that will go to build a Tappan Zee Bridge in the Hudson Valley.

“I dare say a whole lot more people will be using the Tappan Zee Bridge and will be employing far more people than anything coming out of Ralph Wilson stadium,” Katz told WGRZ. “One is vital transportation to bring economic development to get people from one state to another on a bridge versus something, that as much as I love it, is still an elective, still a luxury.”

But in a sign of agreeing to disagree, Katz was photographed wearing a Bills hat provided to him by Assemblyman Sean Ryan of Buffalo.

Still Katz questioned Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz contention that the Bills stadium will bring in more tax revenue than the state is providing.

“I want the county executive to literally show me those numbers and show me that it does make financial sense for New York to make this expenditure and then I’m all for it,” Katz said. “I’m a businessman, show me those numbers and I will be standing there with you.”


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    There are numerous studies on the web clearly stating that these giveaways of taxes to stadium owners (owned by billionaires or corporations) never produces the promised benefit for the localities or the taxpayers who forked over their money when politicians were wined and dined.