Assemblyman Steve Katz: A timeline of events


News of Assemblyman Steve Katz’ marijuana arrest in the Albany County town of Coeymans spread quickly through social media channels Thursday — as did past coverage of various events in his past.

Here’s a look back at some of Katz’ ups and downs that have come to light since he took office in 2011. And here’s more information on Katz’ Thursday ticket for pot possession.

– Katz, a Yorktown Republican, was elected to the Assembly in 2010 for a seat vacated by now-Sen. Greg Ball, a Patterson Republican who chose to run (successfully) for the Senate. Katz ran with Ball’s support, and the two were known as political allies.

But the relationship had soured somewhere along the way. In December 2011, Katz’ wife Nicole posted a video to YouTube that was critical of Ball for deleting items she had posted to Ball’s Facebook page and later de-friending her. The video — titled “The Salad Bully” — showed a dinner-party scene in which Nicole Katz has her mouth duct taped shut after she’s critical of the host’s olive selection.

Ball later used the video as part of his own YouTube piece critical of the assemblyman. Katz and Ball have since appeared at events together.

– Katz received plenty of attention in western New York this past week for his comments regarding the Buffalo Bills, whose stadium will receive major upgrades partially funded by the state and Erie County as part of a new lease deal.

“Aren’t they wealthy enough that they can handle their own operating support? Why are we doing this for them?” Katz asked on the Assembly floor.

A frequent critic of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Katz stood by the comments as they gained more attention in the Buffalo area, calling the stadium funding a “luxury.” But he later posed for a picture wearing a Bills hat — provided by Buffalo-area assemblyman Sean Ryan — as a goodwill gesture.

– In early 2012, Katz had expressed interest in running in a primary against Ball for Ball’s Senate seat. As the media began paying more and more attention to the potential challenge, Katz addressed a pair of past arrests related to his veterinary business. (In both instances, charges were dropped, Katz said.)

On a public-access television show, Katz said one of the arrests dated back to the 1990s, when he was operating a veterinary practice in Philadelphia. According to Katz, an 80-year old client and her 102-year-old mother called him one night because their 90-pound German Shepherd was dead on their living room floor. He put the dog into the trunk of his car to transport it to his veterinary hospital and it began to “ooze onto (his) daughter’s Barbie dolls,” he said.

Katz said he took the dog back to his apartment because he didn’t have the keys to his practice, and placed the dog on an outdoor dumpster. Police officers saw him with the dead dog, and arrested him for “short dumping.”

– More on some of Katz’ recent history here, here, here, here and here.


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  1. just the facts on

    when are we going to wake up and understand that patterns are important
    in assessing the character and fitness of people who run for office…Katz won
    a primary against jim borkowski which had nothing to do with Katz and everything
    to do with the politics in putnam county and the fight between ball and
    leibell…but the people of putnam and northern westchester ought to realize
    that steve katz is not the kind of legislator they need to represent them in
    albany in fact a republican in the assembly is useless because it is totally
    a democratically controlled legislative body..and steve katz has just demonstrated
    how totally expendable as a politician he is

  2. Jackson Davies on

    Re the story above: Did he not have the keys to his vet office because he was too stoned on pot? Just wondering…or were the keys in his other pocket all along…

  3. Elvis Presley on

    It’s OK for him to use Pot for recreational use. But he does not believe it should be used for medical use. He has to go.

    Typical elitist.

  4. The Irishman on

    Your a hyprocrite. People will be laughing at you behind your back. They will say they love you and support you, but it is only a game. You are an embarresment.

  5. copied from the wall street journal on

    Dr. Steve Katz, Meet ‘Eloise’

    The Assemblyman, the Republicans, and the honor student By Jim McKean | 11:45 am

    Local Voices


    Posted on March 20, 2013 at 11:45 am 1 Comment No, Steve, her name isn’t really Eloise. We’re just using that because she’s 14, and her actual name is protected. Who is she? The student here in Yorktown who was suspended for three months for possession of a marijuana cigarette. Unlike you, she didn’t get to just hand it over to the cop – oh, sorry, in your case it was a whole bag of the illegal controlled substance, not just a joint –and speed off with only a ticket and a small fine. Why not? Help me with this, Steve, I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what’s going on here. Like all the parents in your district, I’d like to explain to my sons just how their elected official, who has been so forthright in his denunciation of drugs, and so insistent on ‘family values,’ can square being a lawmaker with such brazen flouting of the law. But you seem to have disappeared. I called your office and left my number yesterday morning; where have you gone? Since you’ve gone astray, I thought I’d call the head of your party in the Assembly — Brian Kolb. He seems to have a moral compass: after all, on his website he says “Once a model of leadership, decades of scandal, corruption and mismanagement have reduced our state government to a national laughingstock.” He goes on to say: “Assembly Republicans believe we can do better and we must do better. We believe citizens deserve a more honest, ethical and responsive state government.” Honest. Ethical. The citizens deserve better. Sounds good to me. I was curious as to what he would say about your arrest. But I never heard back from him either. Too busy, I guess — even for an aide to return my call. He did have time for a press conference. No wonder he didn’t want to talk to me — or anyone else, for that matter. Just listen to what he had to say yesterday: “We had a good conversation, and certainly I think what Steve wants to focus in on is moving forward, representing his district and then he’ll deal with the infraction through the legal process.” And let you stay on the Assembly Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee. And continue to get your $9,000 stipend for serving as the ranking member on the Assembly Mental Health Committee. And your salary of $79,500. “I’ll let the process take its own course,” Kolb said. “I want to see what the result of all that is, in fairness to him.” So, Steve — and Brian — what do we tell Eloise? What do we tell our kids? That talk is just talk when it becomes a matter of power. If you’re on the inside, laws don’t apply to you. I, and all my fellow members of your district, want to hear it, straight from you: why has Eloise’s life been ruined by a teenage transgression while you get off with a ticket and a press release? How is it that a lawmaker gets to obey the laws he wants to and laugh at the ones he doesn’t? How is it that our representative gets pulled over speeding with a bag of marijuana, stoned at 10 in the morning on his way to work, and his boss has a ‘good conversation’ with him? And where are all the rest of your colleagues? Silence. In fairness to us, Steve how is it that you are even still in office? Have you no shame? Do you think you can do something like this and that in a few weeks you can just stroll into a meeting and get clapped on the back and applauded by your grateful constituents? We have seen your true character, or lack of it; sadly, we have now seen that your colleagues are so addicted to power that they are down there in the gutter with you. LoHud: Assemblyman Steve Katz, Critic of Sheldon Silver, Had Sex-Harassment Court Fight Wall Street Journal: Two Prior Arrests for Illegally Dumping Body of Dead Dog