Silver says gun-control changes “a matter of commerce”


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, defended a planned change to the gun-control law, saying a move to allow the sale of a 10-bullet magazine won’t infringe on the intent of the tough law.

Silver told reporters this afternoon that gun manufacturers simply don’t make seven-bullet magazines. The proposed change would allow for the sale of 10-bullet magazines, but they could be used on shooting ranges or in competitions. Otherwise, gun owners will be only allowed to put seven bullets in the magazine.

“It’s a change to accommodate commerce, basically. They are not being made in the sevens,” Silver said.

Asked if the law change would sacrifice safety, Silver denied that it would. Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters today that the change isn’t major.

“The issue is not the magazines. The issue is the people and what they do with them,” Silver said. “The fact remains, we started out we’re banning assault weapons. We’re not going back on banning assault weapons, that’s a tremendous accomplishment to the state.”

The law has criticized for being passed in haste — which has now led the state to make changes.

Silver said he doesn’t think the measure was approved too quickly.

“People were running out to buy guns. It was important to cut that off. I don’t have any problems with that,” Silver said.


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  1. OK. So let me get this straight — Cuomo just said they consulted gun manufactures for weeks before authoring the law — but none of them told them that they don’t make seven round magazines for guns…and somehow allowing the sale of 10 round magazines but still making it illegal to carry more than 7 rounds will stop criminals from committing mass murders…Holy Crap! How much deeper are they going to get themselves into this hole of BS they dug? They consulted no one with any expertise when crafting this law. They are exposing this more and more as they continue back peddling. Seven round magazines do exist if you happen to purchase a firearm that only accommodates that many rounds for the purpose to reduce the gun’s footprint for concealment. An officer sized 1911 for example. But what does it matter? A criminal is not going to load only 7 rounds and they aren’t going to get rid of their high capacity mags.