Westchester legislators raise more questions on Playland repairs


Westchester legislators are questioning why an emergency bid for repairs to the Playland boardwalk was short circuited when the county attorney said the bids were awarded improperly.

Legislator Lyndon Williams, D-Mount Vernon, said the repairs were declared an emergency by the Board of Acquisition and Contract at the request of the Department of Public Works. But when the bids were ready to be awarded, the county attorney said it had been too long.

“How did the Law Department suddenly come up with the decision,” he asked.

The low bid through the emergency contracting process, he said, was put in by a minority owned firm from New Rochelle, Mace Contracting.

“The county has an abysmal record of inclusion of minority and women-owned businesses in the bidding process,” Williams said.

The procedure for the Playland bid was inconsistent with how the county has treated emergency contracts in the past, he said.

The administration of County Exeuctive Rob Astorino has said it believed the work should be done on an emergency basis but must defer to the county attorney. Click here for a previous story on the delay to the boardwalk work.


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  1. Maybe the law department should explain to the tax payers how a project gets put out to emergency bid in detail, what determins a project an emergency and what are the critieria for choosing compiling the list of contractors for the bid. My understanding is that a list is established to shorten the bid process. Then they can explainto the tax payers how this bid doesnt meet up with the rules in detail. If a project isn’t designated an emergency then it should be put out to public bid, not a chosen few, especially those that might be already burdened with numerous county projects and those contractors that might have numerous incomplete and over budget projects.

  2. Jackson Davies on

    Cant trust Republicans. That is the No 1 rule to follow. This is another example.

  3. Keep voting in Democrats nationally and locally and watch them raise your taxes overtly, covertly, and by any other means possible.

  4. Ray of Truth on

    Slowing down the repair process of playland means the park won’t be ready in time for warm weather crowds and less revenue for the County, which means higher taxes for residents and business owners to pay for park operations. Right, Mr. CPA? Pin that on Astorino because he’s in charge. Bottom line: the emergency bid was ignored and Astorino should tell us why.

  5. But Mommmmmmm.....! on

    Rob hates playland because he is too short to get on any of the adult rides. Ain’t that right little bobby?

  6. Know Robbie doesn’t hate. Not even idiots that call him names, but what’s wrong couldn’t you come up with anything better? A rather pathetic attempt at an insult. Better luck next time d-bag and that d doesn’t stand for dirt!

    Ray of Truth, the park dept loses money. Any revenue from Playland is insignificant to the big picture. CPA knows.

  7. Thanks for the last paragraph. You ain’t a complete tool. As for rob having height issues, I’ll bet my life on it. Nothing else could explains his conduct. I’m sorry he got picked on when he was a boy. I got picked on too. That doesn’t mean you f–k working mothers. There is simply NO excuse.

  8. Playland Revenue does not matter on

    Thanks bill. I agree 10000000%. Given that, why has Bobby been screaming about playland for years like a spoiled child?

    Cause he’s a little d–k.