Putnam sheriff reiterates call for DA Levy to stay out of rape case


Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith said Sunday that, while there’s been a lot of discussion about the case involving Putnam District Attorney Adam Levy’s former live-in personal trainer,  his office is focused on investigating the crime and bringing the case to court.

But, at the same time, he wants Levy to stop putting out bogus information to the press, Smith said.

“All we want to do is have the district attorney honor his being recused from the case and let the Sheriff’s Office with the Westchester District Attorney’s Office continue the investigation and take this matter to a court of law and have the alleged perpetrator of this viscous crime against this little child be brought to justice,” he said. The Westchester DA took over the investigation after Levy recused himself.

Smith spoke after a forum for elected officials by the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce in Carmel. While he handles the rape case, he said, he has referred any potential immigration violations to the Department of Homeland Security.

Levy’s former trainer Alexandru Hossu, was charged Wednesday with two counts of first-degree rape, a felony. He is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in 2010. Hossu, who is being held at the Putnam County Jail, is in the country illegally and is subject to an immigration detainer. Hossu, 35, told authorities he lives at Levy’s Indian Wells Road house in Southeast, though Levy said he no longer lives there.

Levy put out statements last week with conflicting information about Hossu’s address.

“When you’re recused from a case you’re supposed to stay out of it,” Smith said.

As she left the forum, Assemblywoman Sandy Galef said the case brings to mind the question of whether we really know whether people are here with a work permit or not. The country needs to get on with immigration reform, she said. But she said the scrutiny of Levy’s role is not surprising.

“When you’re the DA or you’re in public office it’s something very different,” she said. “It rises to a different level.”

Photo: Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy in his office. ( Terry Corcoran / The Journal News )



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  1. give me a break on

    the putnam county DA apparently was unaware of the illegal status of his
    live in trainer..but according to other sources it was common knowledge among
    those who knew the defendant….A district attorney has the obligation to make
    sure that anyone who works for him is in fact in the country legally….and the
    fact that this person, in addition to his illegal status, is charged with the rape
    of a minor raises serious questions as to mr, levy’s judgment and whether or
    not he is able to discharge his duties as DA….Everyone pretty much is aware
    that there has been friction between the DA and the Sheriff…and that means
    that both of them should bow out of the case and allow a special prosecutor
    with an independent investigator staff to sort things out…