State budget includes $28 million for gun database


The soon-to-be-voted-upon state budget includes $27.7 million to create a statewide database of gun permits, about $5 million less than Gov. Andrew Cuomo had initially sought.

The database is a part of the state’s January gun laws, which require the State Police to create it and update as firearm owners re-up their pistol and assault-weapons permits every five years.

Cuomo had included about $32.7 million in his initial budget proposal to create the database, which has to be up and running by January 2014. It had been included in the State Police’s capital projects budget under Cuomo’s plan.

The state Senate’s one-house budget did not include the funding, while the Assembly’s budget did.

In the final budget bills — which the Senate will vote on tonight and the Assembly will take up Thursday — the funds are included in the Office of Information Technology Service’s budget, according to legislative officials.

“This database will be a powerful tool that will aid in the enforcement of New York’s gun control measures and keep more of our citizens out of harm’s way,” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, said in a statement.

The database will be available to police agency’s, but will be exempt from the state’s Freedom of Information Law. It is meant to allow the state to periodically check the gun records against mental health and criminal records.


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  1. North of the Hutch on

    More squandered money. I wonder what else is hidden in that $136 billion budget.

  2. Between new Equipment/Manpower/Clerks/Court time/Printing/Bribes/Lawsuits ..I can see this Cuomo “Safe Act” costing us 100’s of Millions after a few years. Remember what Pataki told us about COBIS ? All the Liberal anti-gun fanatics LOVED it – That alone cost NY way over $40 Million and not ONE Criminal was ever jailed from it -NOT ONE. At least they finally figured out it was a waste of money and ended it. Just watch what this Safe Act costs us in Tax Dollars AND disrupted lives.
    But –You all have a “Right To Feel Safe” huh ?
    Good luck with that —