Westchester Legislator John Testa announces reelection bid


Legislator John Testa, a Republican who represents Peekskill, Buchanan and northern Cortlandt and Yorktown, announced Monday he is running for reelection.

Testa cited as accomplishments the 2013 budget and bringing an office of the Legal Services of the Hudson Valley to northern Westchester.

“County Executive Astorino and I came into office together in 2010 and over the three budgets that have been passed since then we have been able to not only prevent any tax increase but also have reduced the county tax rate over that time,” he said in a statement. “We have also reduced the size of county government by 15%. This was accomplished without reducing essential county services, keeping the county social safety net in place, enhancing public safety, keeping cultural programs viable, and adding services for senior citizens, veterans and victims of domestic violence.”

Testa joins a growing number of incumbent legislators who have announced their reelection campaigns or who have skipped the announcement and gone straight to raising money, including Legislators Michael Kaplowitz, a Democrat in District 4 in Somers, New Castle and Yorktown; Virginia Perez, a Democrat in District 17 in Yonkers and Jim Maisano, the Republican majority leader from District 11 in New Rochelle and Pelham town. Maisano is having a campaign kickoff dinner on April 11 at the Davenport Club in New Rochelle.

Legislator Bill Ryan, D-White Plains, is stepping down from District 5 in White Plains, Scarsdale and Harrison to run for county executive.




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  1. Jackson Davies on

    This is the guy who voted to lay off taxpaying middle class workers in County government who for the most part were living paycheck to paycheck.
    (Maybe if Astorino’s plan to lay off Public Works roadway inspectors did not go through that sign on the Hutch River Parkway would have been inspected and not toppled over)
    Testa also voted to curtail child care for working moms.
    I sense this guy Testa is a colossal hypocrite.

  2. Sally Hansen on

    Testa represents Peekskill, one of the poorest cities in Westchester, and he’s a Republican? I am a bit confused. Votes to lay off County workers and brags about it? Isn’t he a union member? I smell a hypocrite.

  3. First of all it was the Legislatures budget that held and reduced the county portion (18%) of the county tax bill, NOT the Administration. I also find it very confusing that when it comes to fighting the Demorcrates, Testa and Astorino again are making a hugh issue with the county taxes, YET, when Coluccio attacked the Astorino administration about the taxes, their reply was that “There wasn’t much they could do about the TAXES since it was ONLY (18%) of the total tax bill and (80%) of that was state mandated. You can’t argue a point and be on both sides of the debate. We County Residents will feel the pain of the damage done by the Astorino Administration in a few years, When the cost of RePairing infrastructure would have been far less than RePlacing this same infrastructure hits home after he is gone. Then the Republicians will piont at how much the Demorcrates are costing the county tax payers. Add to that that Astorino wants to Bond Operating costs, which means the tax payers paying interest, costing the tax payers more, just to make it appear that he is keeping costs down.

  4. I wonder how John Testa can look his fellow teachers in the eye.Please explain in detail how laying off aal these county employee’s saved taxpayers money, without using some and mirrors. All these people are now collecting unemployemnt and every other possible help from Social Services, all from taxes including any medical since they don’t have medical insurance anymore. What’s the real cost of all this to the TAXpayers?? All these people now greatly reduced their spending, maybe can’t pay their morgtage or can’t pay rent, wait, there’s rental assistance, cha-ching-taxpayers. Someone out there has the nimbers for all this, it needs to be published. All that tax money being spent without some kind of return. At least when these people were on the payroll the taxpayer was getting something in return.

    John, since you are so against the high cost (salaries, medical,pensions)of County/Union employee’s you and all Republician Legislatures should lead by example,start with resigning as a teacher, make that your personal contribution to the taxpayer. Next, you and the other Republician Legislatures should exclude yourselves from the wonderful (pension and medical) packages you get just for serving ONLY (5) years as a Legislature. I leave out the Dem. because it is the Republican montra that it’s the county medical and pension that are bankrupting the county, when it’s really the arrogance and ignorance of the present administration that is going to cost the county taxpayer.