Cuomo Administration launches grants for shooting ranges


As Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to face heat from firearm-rights supporters and conservatives for the state’s January gun-control laws, his administration is launching a new grant program for shooting ranges across the state.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation on Wednesday launched the grant program, which will distribute $65,000 in 2013 to non-profit or municipal ranges in New York, Commissioner Joseph Martens announced Wednesday. It’s funded with federal firearms tax money required to be used for educational programs.

“Governor Cuomo supports these grants to ensure the hunting communities have access to ranges to improve and practice their shooting skills,” Martens, a Cuomo appointee, said in a statement. “With publicly accessible shooting ranges being in high demand, the Shooting Range Grants Program will prove to be a popular supportive program.”

Cuomo has become a popular target for Second Amendment groups since the Legislature earlier this year passed the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, which instituted a broader ban on certain semi-automatic weapons and a stricter limit on the number of bullets that can be loaded in a magazine.

The governor has also emphasized that he’s the owner of a Remington shotgun, and a new advertisement from the state Democratic Committee makes a point to say the SAFE Act protects sportsmen. Gun-rights groups have disagreed.

(AP Photo/Michael Okoniewski, File)


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  1. This is a weak attempt to win back some gun rights advocates. He (Cuomo) must think we are fools, he must think that if he just buys us off little by little that we will sweep this under the rug. This action, will in fact have the opposite effect that he is hoping for. We will not be bought, we will not be silenced.

  2. NO $$ for New York State this year – I will not be buying a Sportsman’s permit, ammo,clothing- really NOTHING in New York this year. We need to botcott NYS wherever and whenever possible.

  3. Warren jorgensen on

    More NYS bribery, and cheap to boot. Tell him there are no ranges in The Bronx. This man is sickening.

  4. Richard Anderson on

    Used to support Cuomo. Now I’m embarassed to admit it. What a pathetic attempt to woo sportsman. He must really think we’re a bunch of idiots. I have nothing but contempt for the man!

  5. I bet he doesn’t allow anyone to have a loaded gun when HE is in the area . . . hunting? He doesn’t know what the word means . . I have never used more than 1 bullet to harvest any animal . . no he’s right I don’t need 10. The other 9 are for my protection from him and the other Nazis in Albany and Washington!!

  6. This is not just laughable its ludicrous. 65 thousand dollars? Cuomo has done more to hurt NY sportsmen and women than any single person in this state’s history. The implementation of SAFE Act is not only going to cost NY state 36 million dollars a year, it has created a hostile environment for both in-state and out of state sports men and women and shooting enthusiasts who now risk committing felony crimes for the countless technical criminal violations created by the SAFE Act for possessing items which can be purchased over the counter in all our neighboring states. He will be requiring criminal checks for the simple purchase of ammunition. Cuomo keep your pennies, you cant cleanse your actions with these transparent

  7. … continued attempts to buy us off. Under Cuomo NY has experienced the demise of 39,453 NY state businesses last year, Cuomo is raiding $1.75 billion from the reserves of the off-budget State Insurance Fund (SIF). Coumo can not even hold on to his democratic majority which is in the middle of a corruption scandal and “show-me-the-money culture” and “pay-to-play politics.” He has disenfranchised the Northern and Western part of New York with his SAFE Act.. He can’t make a decision, either way with respect to fracking. New York has the highest taxes in the nation, is the most indebted state, with 33 percent of income dedicated to borrowing. It is ranked as the least “business-friendly” state in the country and if that were not bad enough NY has the distinction of being the least free state in the union and is called the “Nanny State” with politicians legislating what we eat and drink. Municipal governments from Nassau County to Yonkers to Syracuse are teetering. And during Mr. Cuomo’s time in office, unemployment has risen above the national average. 9% of the state’s 2000 population left for another state between 2000 and 2011 — the highest such figure in the nation,” see the study by George Mason’s libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center.

  8. He’s probably getting the money from taxes collected from our purchases in NY through the Pittman–Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act. You might be able to buy votes from your legislators by promising them a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow, but NY sportsmen and sportswomen aren’t that stupid.

  9. silentfor 56years on

    When he was HUD Head he had his Remington 1100 in the trunk of his Govt provided car.
    I wonder if this photo was taken on the property where he refused to pay the farmer for hunting on the property. He felt the farmer was privileged to having him shoot bird on his property.