Tompkins County Legislature chair to challenge Rep. Tom Reed


Tompkins County Legislature Chair Martha Robertson — a frequent presence at the state Capitol as a hydrofracking critic and local government booster — says she’s going to challenge Rep. Tom Reed for his Southern Tier-based congressional seat.

From the IJ’s Andrew Casler:

The Chair of the Tompkins County Legislature Martha Robertson, D-Dryden, has gone public with her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“I’m really excited about it,” Robertson said. “People have been asking me to do this for a long time, and now the time is right. I feel really good about what we’ve accomplished on the legislature.”

Robertson, who has severed on the Tompkins County Legislature for 12 years, made her decision recently. The choice came after Nate Shinagawa, U.S. Rep. Tom Reed’s 2012 opponent, decided not to run again. Shinagawa is also a Tompkins County Legislator. He’s serving as Robertson’s campaign chair.

“Nathan Shinagawa came some close last time, with just eight months to campaign. I really watched how people responded to his message,” Robertson said. “He did a great job. We believe he could have won if he had a longer time to introduce himself.”


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    The only thing wrong with Congress right now:
    Not Enough Democrats !
    Go Strong Martha ! Enough of Obstructionist Republicans and Boehner and McConnell who are SO WRONG for the USA right now !

    PS: Jon Campbell: Martha has SERVED and not severed ! Fix the typo !!!

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