Three NY senators gearing up for Pennsylvania fracking trip


A trio of New York state senators are planning a visit to Pennsylvania next week, where they’ll tour one of the state’s most-active counties when it comes to natural-gas drilling.

Sens. David Carlucci, Cecilia Tkaczyk and Bill Perkins are all scheduled to take part in the trip, Carlucci said today. They’ll be in Susquehanna County — south of Binghamton — all day April 26.

The trip is being organized by Citizens for Clean Water, a Pennsylvania-based group vocally opposed to hydrofracking. The senators — all Democrats, though Carlucci belongs to the Independent Democratic Conference — are scheduled to visit gas wells, pipelines, compressor stations and homes nearby.

“I think it’s really important that we drill down to the facts and the science and get emotion out of the debate,” Carlucci said. “That’s why it’s important that we go down there and see it first hand.”

Pennsylvania has had large-scale fracking in its state since 2007, while New York has kept it on hold.

Carlucci, D-Clarkstown, Rockland County, has sponsored a bill that would place a two-year moratorium on hydrofracking, though it would also tie it to the completion of a pair of outside studies.

He said he wants to meet with gas companies in the region, as well.

“It’s really to see it first hand and hopefully share stories with (state Health Commissioner Nirav Shah),” Carlucci said. “Because I believe we are getting down to maybe some of our last chances to make sure that the science and not only the environment but the impact on human health are taken into the equation.”

A decision on whether to allow large-scale fracking in New York currently awaits a report from Shah. There’s no timetable on when Shah’s report will be finished, though he said in January and March it was a “few weeks” away.

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  1. I’ll have to look into whether Citizens for Clean Water is a registered lobbyist organization in NY State. I will let you know what I find out.

    Perhaps they should detour into Binghamton’s north side or along Chenango Street to see the urban blight, vacant store fronts, and economic malaise that represents not only the City, but the entire region. Also visit Washington Ave in Endicott. Compare these areas to Williamsport, Scranton, even Montrose and Dimock. The observed wealth and prosperity will be astounding.

  2. Let me guess at the result of this trip. 3 Dems. visiting vocal opponents of PA fracking so we can conclude these 3 are against fracking and importing more oil from the Middle East to met our energy demands.

    Solar & wind won’t do it alone. Maybe they’re in cohoots with the Saudi’s?

  3. Actually, Montrose and Dimock are not much better off than any of the blighted areas in NY’s southern tier. Bravo to the Senators from New York who are going to see first hand what fracking really does to local economies and local communities.

  4. Joanne Corey on

    It’s good that the Senators are touring with PA residents and not just going on the company tours. They do have to understand that they may encounter emotion as well as science and technology. People get emotional if they, their families, their homes, and their communities have been impacted by drilling.

    I’m wondering how long it has been since Ed has been on Washington Ave. There is a good mix of old and new businesses there and more activity, now that BAE is in Endicott. Downtown Binghamton has also had a number of new businesses open, helped by the new student apartment complexes. The Vestal Parkway is bustling and the Oakdale Mall is near full occupancy. While there are certainly areas that need more help, there are a lot more areas doing well.

  5. Hugh Kimball on

    Hopefully these three senators will come back and urge all their colleagues to take the same trip. If they saw half as much as I saw in a one-day trip a oouple of years back, they will be thoroughly convinced of the harm being done by fracking. They will also realize that the DEC is in no way prepared to supervise drilling in the field even if the NYS regs were not full of flaws.

    I give the three credit for going and learning first hand.

  6. Jackson Davies on

    Cant trust Republicans such as Skelos and the ones in Congress Boehner McConnell and others) who bend over for anything that is attached to a contribution from big business, and that is a fact

  7. I applaud these three Senators for taking the time to see first hand what are the real economic benefits to Penn. and the land owners there. It is my hope that they can encourage others to do the same. Informed decisions are what everyone needs. Thank you

  8. KarenTheHidden on

    The Entire Senate should go, with Shah, with Cuomo.
    They should make it a holiday. The day the TRUTH stood still.
    And yes, Liz, with an infrared camera. Call Citizens for Clean Water and tell them to get one and have it on hand… Sort of like a ‘welcoming gift’.