Cuomo says Boston bombings “the new normal”


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today that the Boston Marathon bombings is a terrible situation and that the random acts of violence are “the new normal” in society, Gannett’s Haley Viccaro reports.

Cuomo said that his office has been in contact with officials in Boston and told Massachusetts that New York is there for them. He said that New York State Police are on standby if help is requested.

“We have a very good relationship with Massachusetts, they have been very kind to us in many circumstances,” Cuomo said in an interview on the Capitol Pressroom radio show this morning. “We also have a very good level of cooperation on storms, when utility lines are down, etcetera.”

Cuomo said he has a good relationship with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick since they worked together during the Clinton Administration. He said that he believes Patrick is doing “a good job” and that he is “a big fan.”

Conservatives have expressed concern about the battle over immigration reform since the Boston Marathon bombings. Cuomo, a Democrat, said conservatives would use anything to oppose immigration reform and that it is not indicative of anything.

“I think they are two totally unrelated situations. This is terrorism. This is a legality. This is spreading of fear, and this is national security,” Cuomo said. “Intelligent immigration reform is renewing and refreshing of society, that is what made this country great in the first place and will continue to make it great.”


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  1. So, first Sandy was “the new normal”. Now the Boston Bomber is “The new normal.” Increasingly, it seems Cuomo wants to prey on the weaker aspects of our society. He wants to create a culture of fear. Fear allows tremendous power, so I am not surprised. However, we must guard against this.

    “The new normal” is the same as the “old normal.”

    People do stupid things that have no sense of meaning or rationale outside of their own action. There is a long history of this throughout history. WWI started over such an act.

    Also part of the “new normal” that is the same as the “old normal.” Beware of politicians and leaders who look to create and promote a culture and climate of fear. Rarely does it wind up with a society that is stronger or more free.

    The last time we had a “new normal” we got the Patriot Act and the Federal and State government could come look at what books you check out of the library.

  2. I’m no healthcare specialist but I think the Governor may be unbalanced. The State Police may ned to confiscate his shotgun.

    New normal? To who? Only if you prefer the progressive technique of governing from crisis.

    The Governor also equated the bombing in Boston with global warming, sorry, climate change?

    I think the new immigration bill, liberalizing, sorry again, progressiveizing our entrance rules would only be truely necessary if we need to replace potential bombers.

    In this case, it looks like diversity kills.

  3. Jackson Davies on

    Many of us have stopped listening and believing much of what Cuomo Cufflinks has been saying a long time ago. I partially agree with the 2 posts above. Create an issue, create fear, pretend there is a problem, invent an issue using insubordinates to say what people dont want, and then come in as the big solution the big savior the big know it all.
    What a Big Brother, Brave New World way of governing for Cuomo Cufflinks.
    No we are NOT buying it no matter how many times he says political spew and nonsense

  4. More of the same tired rhetoric from Commie Coumo. I’m sure he’s got some kind of twisted new Act up his sleeve guaranteed to waste our money and trample our rights all in the name of public safety.

    I have never been more disgusted and embarrassed to be a NY resident.

  5. I think that this is just a cop out of the government doing a lousy job of protecting the american public