VIDEO: Sen. Ball would be “first in line” to use torture to defeat terrorism


Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, today stood by his comment on Twitter that said torture should be used on the surviving Boston bombing suspect.

“Who wouldn’t use torture on this punk to save more lives?” Ball tweeted Friday evening.

Ball put out a statement over the weekend defending his comment and appeared on Fox News to stress that torture should be used to thwart terrorism.

“And it comes down to this,” Ball said. “When you talk about terrorism, information matters. And if getting that information, including torture, would save one innocent life – including, that we’ve seen, children – would you use torture? I can tell you I would be first in line.”

Ball said he was just speaking his opinion, and he believed it is one shared by most Americans.

“I think a lot of politicians are typically, quite honestly, full of crap,” said second-term senator said. “They’re scared to say how they feel. And I basically said what I believe a lot of red-blooded Americans felt.”

Ball said he, like most New Yorkers, would have liked some time alone with Osama bin Laden.

“How many New Yorkers who wouldn’t have appreciated at least 30 minutes in a room alone with Osama bin Laden? I know I would,” Ball continued. “It would have been me, Osama bin Laden and a baseball bat.”

Ball said the country needs to be more aggressive in its pursuit of potential terrorists.

“In the United States of America, we have people who believe that we can play patty cake,” he said. “These terrorists play be a different set of rules … You have to take the fight to them.”


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  1. James Stephens on

    Selective defense of the Constitution… and an alliance with dictatorships and juntas. That sounds about right. I’d really expect nothing more from this liar. Then again, I’m sure he doesn’t really care as long he gets his airtime. What a whore.

  2. PutnamCountyGuy on

    Times are changing…and if your neighbor or friend said anything to similar to what Greg Ball said on air — no one would disagree. I like Greg Ball — he is one of the better reps from upstate NY. I’d vote for him in most elections.

  3. little gregory has ambition…….he wants to be either an awful soap box star or a talk show host with his own right wing nut job show,,,all he has ever done in public life is ridiculous antics to attract attention..he has done nothing either as an assemblyman or now as a senator……..the people that vote for him and plentiful and they all belong to the VOTE HERE STUPID crowd that populates mostly putnam county, ny. if michelle bachmann wants a lap dog to pet while she rants her gibberish, little gregory is the one to choose.

  4. I have very mixed feelings about Greg Ball. I’m definitely progressive, but I hesitate to call my self liberal. On the one hand, I was very upset when Ball voted ‘no’ for the legalization of same-sex marriage in NY though I did understand (but did not sympathize with) his concerns regarding insurance and religious institutions such as the Catholic church. I found some of his views regarding illegal immigration and the Latino community fringing on ‘racist,’ because a.) it focuses on one group (ignoring human trafficking of Asians, Eastern Europeans, etc) and b.) offers no solution to the immense social and political problems in Central America (civil war, genocide, widespread violence, drug trade, etc.) However, I do applaud his environmental efforts, especially his push to outlaw fracking which would decimate underground aquifers throughout NY and render groundwater as toxic. Living in an area that is espoused to ridiculous levies on land yet with few public services, I am 100% behind his proposal for a property tax cap. I also like the fact that he is a visible politician, active with the public and seems to show genuine concern for community issues.

    Additionally, Ball also seems to have a problem with bad publicity, particularly in his early years, attracting several scandals with female colleagues, prone to chauvinistic mannerisms and appearing as a lecher. And occasionally, I would say Ball is very much prone to the circumstance of “open mouth, insert foot” as seen here.

    I would like to think that Ball’s comment about torturing Dzhokar was stated in the “heat of the moment,” as an expression of his personal outrage regarding the attacks on the Boston. Would I want to smack Dzhokar up the side of the head for his horrible deeds? Yes, but would I actually do it if given the opportunity? No, because it doesn’t correct the situation at hand. Torturing or even giving Dzhokar the death penalty accomplishes little in the long run, it does not heal the wounds of individuals who lost loved ones or the individuals who required extensive surgery, amputation of limbs as a result of the attacks. It doesn’t repair the circumstance of numerous bystanders who will suffer PTSD as a result of being at the scene, responding to injuries, etc. If anything, torturing Dzhokar will probably insight more rage and violence on the behalf of Islamic-based terrorists. Think for a second; does hurting this obviously disturbed and misguided person actually provide resolution to the all the suffering that has resulted from the attacks on the Boston marathon? Other than the possible dissemination of information, torture really doesn’t do much, and even under such circumstances, the information provided would still be false as a result of stress and fear. Creating more violence doesn’t mend or heal what has happened in Boston or even what happened on 9/11. While we should defend ourselves and our nation as Americans, doing what we can to prevent horrible situations like this from occurring again, we should exercise caution about when and how we use violence. Hell, right now we shouldn’t be focusing on this kid, but rather looking at what we can do to assist the individuals whose lives have been irrevocably-changed by this tragedy.

    Ball is a mixed bag of political views, a product of typically rural or smaller, conservative communities transitioning to suburbia but now facing some of the overhanging problems that plague NYC and surrounding urban locales. He’s passionate and ambitious, but sometimes, we need to stop and think about the long-term ramifications of our actions, something Dzhokar clearly did not do.

  5. Ugly. Not a torture advocate.

    Senator Ball may have jumped the shark on this one.

    Not sure I want my elected so quick to jump on the vengeance band wagon.

    Made me a little sic to see torture advocated for. No, it made me a lot sic.

    This Tea Party Patriot is not an evil man. I think torture is evil. Call me a softy but I think the ship has sailed on this issue, torture is Evil.

    I hope Ball takes some time and re considers his position.

    Let’s not degrade our selves into being as Evil as those who commit atrocities.

    Sorry Senator, Evil in not the answer. We are better then that. What kind of example to the world do we set if we go there? Not one I wish to be represented by.