Piers Morgan to Greg Ball: “Senator, can you stop being such a jerk?”


Sen. Greg Ball on Monday again doubled down on his stance on torturing Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, defending himself in a series of no fewer than five media interviews ranging from New York City radio to a pair of appearances on Fox News.

Ball’s tweet — where he wondered “who wouldn’t use torture” on the surviving Tsarnaev brother if it can save lives — even picked up a mention on The Daily Show.

But the interview that had social media channels buzzing was his showdown with Piers Morgan on the eponymous CNN show.

Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, quickly turned combative as Morgan pressed him on how he would torture the bombing suspect, considering Tsarnaev is an American citizen who will be tried in a U.S. court.

“Dude, you’re talking to the guy that supports the death penalty for cop killers, terrorists,” Ball said. “I’m talking about me. If you want to talk to the president of the United States about his policies the next time you golf or go play basketball with him, you can ask him.”

It only got more tense from there, as Morgan continued to press Ball and Ball tried to turn the table on Morgan.

“If you’ve got 30 minutes in a room, what would you do?” Ball asked. “Would you play cards with Osama Bin Laden? What would you do?”

The two men then quibbled over who was interviewing whom for the next dozen seconds or so before Ball mused whether he “should have said it in a British accent.” (Morgan is very much British.)

“Senator, can you stop being such a jerk?” Morgan fired back. Ball retorted: “You get paid for it, so I figured I’d give you your own medicine.”

There was no love lost between the two after the show. According to CNN, Ball left the interview “earlier than expected,” though Ball didn’t say “yes” when Morgan asked if he would stay through a commercial break. (After the break, Morgan said Ball “fled with his tail between his legs.”)

Soon after the pair had this exchange on — where else? — Twitter:

Aside from Morgan’s show, Ball also appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” and “Fox and Friends” — where he duly noted he was eight miles into an eight-and-a-half mile run on a treadmill when he sent his torture tweet — to defend his stance. (Fox decided to swap out the words “scum bag” with “(bleep)” when they aired Ball’s tweet on screen.)

He was also on YNN’s “Capital Tonight” and AM 970’s The Curtis Sliwa Show.

You can watch his interview with Morgan here:

Also, read columnist Phil Reisman’s column on the tweet, The Journal News Editorial and sample of Greg Ball’s tweets.


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  1. Ball is A bad guy he’s tied in with the other corrupt politicians in Putnam county just like Liebell

  2. Greg Ball is first and foremost a demagogue. His bullying behavior appeals to a slight majority of this state Senate district I call home. His sophomoric sound bites and media-drawing staged-events play well to a frustrated citizenry. But sooner or later — and I hope for sooner — he will get caught red-handed, or enough of my neighbors will wise up and vote him out. Time is on our side.

  3. Disgusting! C’mon, NY, let’s make him go away! He is a terrible, terrible representative of and for our people. Let him go bunk down with Uncle Louie Gomert and Wacky Steven King!

    Just awful!

  4. Where was this “interview” conducted? I only ask because Pierspee Morgan said he was leaving the U.S.

  5. Wilhelm Da Sad on

    God I loved it..Morgan is a real piece of work, fired several times for insider trading, hacking into people’s phones, lying to the court, printing false articles, and on and on..he is a libretard and they are just a waste of skin.

  6. “People like this are rapidly leading the Republican Party into total irrelevance in this country. ” I agree

    American citizens have rights and just screaming that someone deserves torture is as intelligent as a thug would yell.
    We should have voted for Justin Wagner; clearly this cretin is a MISTAKE for intelligent New Yorkers.

  7. After seeing Senator Greg Ball’s behavior on Pierce Morgan and then today hearing that the Republican vote defeated background checks on gun purchases because “they didn’t want the President to have a win”, I am seriously questioning my membership in the Republican party. Come on guys, grow up and do what is right.