Sen. Ball spokesman: “Piers is clearly a snake”


Sen. Greg Ball had a verbal battle with CNN host Piers Morgan last night, and after Ball left the air, Morgan claimed Ball left the show and refused to stay longer and debate him.

Ball spokesman Joe Bachmeier said Morgan is a “snake” and lied to viewers as to the reason why Ball left. Ball was scheduled to appear on Fox News’ “Hannity” shortly after his appearance on CNN.

Ball was on to debate his tweet Friday about the Boston bomber that said, “Who wouldn’t use torture on this punk to save more lives?”

“The Piers team knew in advance that we booked a slated 9:40 p.m. appearance on the Fox News show ‘Hannity’, well in advance of their request, for the same hour on the same day,” Bachmeier said in a statement today.

He continued that, “Unfortunately, the senator did not go on air until approximately 9:15 p.m. While severely pressed for time, the senator stayed and did the interview as agreed to. After the senator handed Piers his proverbial British ‘tookus’ in a handbasket, Piers asked the senator to stay beyond 9:30 p.m. This would have required canceling on Hannity, which was pre-scheduled.”

Bachmeier said Ball agreed off air to return to the show, or as he said, “a rematch at anytime.”

“It was explained clearly that Senator Ball had only 10 minutes to get to Hannity which was slated to begin at 9:40 p.m. Evidently Piers took the senator’s absence as an opportunity to heal his wounds, by attacking the senator,” the statement said. “Along with refusing to shake the senator’s hand, as the senator left, Piers is clearly a snake for suggesting anything other than these facts.”

On Twitter this morning, Ball wrote: “Handed @piersmorgan his butt last night. Reportedly he said I walked off. He knew I had @seanhannity at 940 pm. Sore loser. Rematch annnnytime!”


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  1. This whole spat between Morgan and Ball distracts from the really alarming issue, which is that Sen. Greg Ball thinks breaking the law – in this case the domestic and international laws against torture – is perfectly fine.

  2. This guy Ball is a jerk I see him all the time in Carmel every time he shakes someone’s Hand you feel that the other in is in your pocket Liebell protege.

  3. Senator Ball acted like the 4th grader here and acted like a boy.

    Ball is asking for a bat! hahaha…

    Pierce maintains his cool.

  4. Senator Greg Ball should act like a senator not a kid with baseball bat. This is a big disgrace!

    Senator Greg Ball with kid’s attitude – “Handed @piersmorgan his butt last night. Reportedly he said I walked off. He knew I had @seanhannity at 940 pm. Sore loser. Rematch annnnytime!”