Democrats nominate county executive candidate


The big competition at tonight’s Westchester County Democratic convention is who will get the party’s nomination to run against County Executive Rob Astorino, a Republican.

The three candidates are New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramsom and legislators Ken Jenkins of Yonkers and Bill Ryan of White Plains.

This is the tally in the first round of voting for the three:

Bramson: 90,019.5, 49.53 percent

Jenkins: 77,224, 42.49 percent

Ryan: 14,489, 7.97 percent

Ryan said he would work “shoulder to shoulder with all the other district leaders in this room” for the candidate who gets nominated.

Ryan said he got a late start in his campaign, entering the race in January, and played “catch-up ball” with the other candidates from the start. “But I thought it was very important for me to get in there. At the time, I was the first to announce, and the alternative was a continuation of Astorino in office, and I believe that if he continues, he’s going to do irreparable harm to this county,” he said.

District Attorney Janet DiFiore received the nomination to run for a third four-year term over Mayo Bartlett, a partner at a White Plains law firm and former chief of the Bias Crimes Unit of the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office.

“Every day that I have served, I have strived to do so with focus, with determination, with skill and without fear or favor,” she told Democrats.

The county Department of Social Services cleared her and her former live-in nanny of any wrongdoing when the nanny applied for and received Medicaid and other government benefits.

County Clerk Tim Idoni was the only candidate nominated for the office. He is running for a third four-year term this year.


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  1. why would anyone think noam bramson is qualified to run anything? Has anyone been to down town new rochelle? Has anyone explored the fiasco that is New Roc City and its tax incentives? Has anyone paid attention what is going on at Monroe College?

    seriously? Noam Bramson. I guess in America you get to fail up.

  2. Noam for County Executive, what a joke. Didn’t Noam just raise New Rochlle’s taxes by 7%? Is this the same guy who is screwing the working men and women of New Rochelle by refusing to negotiate a fair contract with them while going against all labor friendly issues. This guy, Noam Bramson is dangerous and looking for a stepping stone to replace Congresswoman Nita Lowey when she retirees. Westchester County needs a leader who is going to look out for Westchetser County and its taxpayers.