Assemblyman Steve Katz’ attorney on plea deal, marijuana charge (UPDATED)


Assemblyman Steve Katz did not appear in Coeymans Town Court on Thursday to accept a plea deal to settle marijuana and speeding charges, but his attorney answered reporters’ questions after appearing on his behalf.

Susan Chana Lask, Katz’ lawyer, raised doubt over whether Katz had marijuana on him when he was stopped for speeding and ticketed for possession on March 14. But she didn’t answer directly when asked repeatedly if Katz was in possession of the drug, as State Police alleged.

“I wasn’t there. We weren’t there,” Lask said. “The police officer isn’t here. The case was dismissed and there’s no charge.”

Katz’ court papers show he was found to be in possession of 3.5 grams of weed, and that a subsequent field test confirmed it.

His marijuana charge will be dismissed if he completes 20 hours of community service and stays out of trouble for the next six months up to the next year.

You can watch Lask’s talk with reporters here:


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  1. katz must go on

    assemblyman steven katz should not be a trusted member of the state legislature. just because this case was dismissed does not mean he was not smoking pot and driving 80 miles an hour i like the man personally, but he has to go. our children look up to these people. how can our community allow someone like this to represent us.

    he must go.

  2. katz can not be trusted on

    Steve Katz votes how he believes his community wants him to vote. Not for what is right. We thought we were voting for a leader not a lapdog. Everything he has said in the past could be a lie or it could be the truth. Who knows,.

  3. did you expect anything different on

    the powerful and the 1% always get off He is a republican assemblymember who has a lot of friends in high places. Why did the police officer not come. Who got to him.

    Did you expect anything else from this.

  4. katz will you vote for the medical marijuana bill next time? all the high school kids in Somers and Yorktown are waiting. Katz I hope you know that drug use is up in your district.

  5. The day after Katz was busted he issued a statement acknowledging the “unfortunate incident.”

    “I am confident that once the facts are presented that this will quickly be put to rest,” he said at the time.

    So Assemblyman Katz what are the facts?

    This is not going to be put to rest.

  6. unfortunate incident on

    Mr. Steven Katz, what are the real facts about this unfortunate incident?

  7. unfortunate incident on

    Assemblyman you have been sleeping around in the dark shadows. The people know who you really are now. It is time he resigns and move on.

  8. formally known as Steve Katz supporter on

    we are the ruled and he is the ruler. Sir, it is over for you.

  9. sikent majority on

    do you have any idea about the deals that are cut in albany. we need a clean sweep. katz says that he is a conservative, but he is a RINO. he says one thing to us and does something else in the shadows.

    what does the republican party stand for? katz must be forced out.

  10. yorktown mother on

    i read so much stuff on here about how my assemblyperson is. i love my community and i want it to succeed. I have voted for Steve Katz 2 times. but i will not vote for him again. it is an embaresment when i tell people where i live. how can i look my children in the eyes and support him.

    I can’t and i will not.

    sorry Steve.

  11. who cares who i am on

    katz, you don’t live in the real world when you don’t realize that you are judged by the things that you do. not what you say.

  12. citizen brewster on

    I am SOOOOO sick and tired of these HYPOCRITES that write our laws, whether in the state houses or in Washington DC, where our President and Senators and Congressmen/women. Steve Katz, has been arrested after being stopped and found with marijuana in his car. now it has been thrown out. do these Republicans believe we don’t know what is happening here. Steve Katz, should resign, or replaced. he was caught red handed and now he got away with a $75 fine. Come on people. this is in sane.
    Hypoctite Katz.

  13. should be da on

    Not only is this guy a hypocrite, he’s an egomaniac as well. So, my man, you did not get to reap what you sew. But you are a stinking hypocrite. the judge did not throw the book at you, but you will lose net time you run for office

  14. just trying to get by in Carmel on

    This was not Mr. Katz’s first brush with the law. A veterinarian by training, he revealed last year that he had two prior arrests for illegally dumping the body of a dead dog and an alleged attack on a dog in his care. Both cases were ultimately dismissed.

    In an interview last year with City and State newspaper, Mr. Katz said he agreed to dispose of a deceased German Shepherd as a favor to an elderly patient and dumped the body only after the clinic that was supposed to receive it was locked. The corpse, he explained, had started to liquefy in his car.

    “It was starting to ooze on my daughter’s Barbie doll collection,” he said.

    The second arrest came after a Chihuahua he was treating at his veterinary clinic bit him and the dog fell to the floor when he tried to shake him off, Mr. Katz told the newspaper. The dog’s owners pressed charges, and Mr. Katz described the Chihuahua as “meaner than a dirt snake.”

    So he sounds like a fun guy to hang around with, being arrested 3 times and getting off on all cases.

    How many people you know have been arrested and 3 times to boot. Also he got away with all of them. These are red flags for msny of us. The rich and powerful get special treatment and get away with breaking the law and you the average guy will not.

  15. Concerned Parent Who Wants Answers on

    The state police has alleged that Steve Katz was in possession of marijuna. The police officer did not show up so his marijuana charge will be dismissed if he completes 20 hours of community service and stays out of trouble for the next six months up to the next year.

    It does not stop here. There are questions which must be answered. The D.E.A. has made a connection between illegal drug trafficking and terrorism, leaving no doubt that drug abuse can not be viewed as a victimless crime.

    Before terrorism hit home on September 11, few Americans realized the connection, and fewer still understood that drug money has been used to fund terrorism.

    When George W. Bush was President he said, “It’s so important for Americans to know that the traffic in drugs finances the works of terror, sustaining terrorists…terrorists use drug profits to fund their cells to commit acts of murder.”

    Drug traffickers and their organizations are also increasingly using terrorist acts to sustain their activities. As profits from the sale of illegal drugs have increased over the years, drug traffickers are using more drastic means to secure their fortunes and keep law enforcement at arms’ length.

    In the district in which Steve Katz represents there is an increase in drug sales and arrests. The district needs a representative who will not be part of the illegal drug trafficking problem. But will get active with an anti-drug message and fight to get drugs out of our communities.

    One simple way of doing this is to not buy and use illegal drugs.

    Mr. Katz, since marijuana is illegal in our area, where and how did you buy it. Or where did you get it from?

  16. gramaton ave crowd on

    He is a powerful republican who has many friends in high places.

    In my hood my people would not be so lucky.

  17. Jackson Davies on

    Reminds us of Westchester Legislator Gordon Burrows from Yonkers (is that for real that he lives in Yonkers anyway?) that snorted cocaine with his mechanic friend in upstate NY on a “ski trip” to Vermont, was witnessed by a bunch of Dunkin Donut workers where they had parked, and also got off for some lame lessor offense in some political plea deal.