Westchester Legislator Michael Smith launches reelection campaign


Westchester Legislator Michael Smith, a Republican from Greenburgh who represents Mount Pleasant, Pleasantville and North Castle in District 3, will announce his reelection bid Monday in White Plains.michaelsmith

In a press release on his announcement, Smith, a CPA first elected in 2011, said he has worked to represent the taxpayers and was an “integral part” of the 2013 budget process.

“Westchester County residents currently pay the highest property taxes in the nation,” he said in the statement. “During budget negotiations, raising taxes was simply a non-starter, as was irresponsibly raiding the reserves, the latter being a key reason why Moody’s Investors Service issued a ‘negative outlook’ for the County following the 2012 budget. Westchester residents expect a certain amount of services for their hard-earned tax dollars, and rightly so. That is why it was imperative to scrutinize every program and maintain the essentials, including in public safety.”

Smith praised County Executive Rob Astorino — a Republican being challenged by Democrat Noam Bramson, the mayor of New Rochelle, and Conservative Kurt Colucci — for fighting the federal government over the 2009 fair housing settlement.

“Michael Smith quickly established himself in the Legislature as a visionary to the future economic success of Westchester County,” said Astorino, who will attend the announcement. “He understands that essential spending on critical capital projects would advance the economic engines of our county by putting more men and women to work. Legislator Smith immediately became one of the loudest voices in supporting our taxpayer’s property rights by questioning the federal government’s continuing efforts to eliminate zoning in our county. The work of Legislator Smith and his caucus will likely be looked upon in the years to come as essential to saving Westchester County from becoming a social experiment by the federal government. I couldn’t be more pleased to have him by my side for another two year term.”

Legislators John Testa, R-Peekskill, Michael Kaplowitz, D-Somers, Virginia Perez, D-Yonkers and Jim Maisano, R-New Rochelle have announced reelection bids or started raising money. Legislator Bill Ryan, D-White Plains, announced he wasn’t running again in District 5 in White Plains, Scarsdale and Harrison when he made a bid for county executive. He lost a three-way race at the Democratic County Convention last week.

Photo: From left, Westchester Board of Legislator candidates John Nonna (District 3), Michael Smith (District 3) and Peter Harckham (District 2) participate in an endorsement interview, consisting of three northern Westchester districts, with The Journal News/Lohud.com Editorial Board, Oct. 12, 2011 at the office. ( Tania Savayan / The Journal News )


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  1. If Smith,Testa and all the other phonies want to really do something about the taxes, rather than blowing smoke up evryone’s (a—) by laying off the low level county/city/state workers,cutting spending only where it doesn’t affect the beautiful people and standing behind the idea of borrowing money (bonding) for present government operating costs to a later date plus interest. A sizeable amount of money could be saved by reducing the number od school districts. WHY dose Westchester County need 24 +/- school districts??? Why not bring that number down to maybe lets say 6 to 8 districts or less. Think of how much money could be saved and actually put some of that money towards highering more teachers and implementing higher stanards for teachers and higher standards resulting in higher classroom grades. Each district requires an exorbitantly paid Superintendent, then there are the assistant supers or deputy supers their assistants and all of the other supporting personell deemed necessary. Then there is the building/office space and all the expenses for maintaining this office space and the infrastructure. Someone out there can put a number to this. This is a hugh waste of money. FairFax Virginia is an area of similar deomgraphics in area, population, pop. diversity, affluence diversity,student population and yet they manage with only one (1) Superintendent of schools. AMAZING!! Again some of the hugh amount of money saved could be put towards Better and more Teachers to better elevate the level of education for ALL the children.