Senate rejects Gillibrand’s SNAP plan


WASHINGTON – Congress appears almost certain to cut the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program formerly known as food stamps.
For House and Senate lawmakers debating legislation to reauthorize federal agricultural and nutrition programs as part of a five-year farm bill, the choices may be the $4.1 billion in SNAP cuts contained in the Senate version, the $20.5 billion in SNAP reductions over 10 years approved by the House Agriculture Committee or something in between.
Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand failed Tuesday in a long-shot effort to eliminate the smaller cuts in the Senate bill.
The Senate voted 76-20 to reject Gillibrand’s proposal to eliminate the SNAP cuts by cutting money from the federal crop insurance program instead. Her proposed cuts would have affected guaranteed profit margins for insurers but not payments to farmers.
Even so, Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas said changes to the crop insurance program would endanger Midwestern farmers who have experienced three years of drought.
“I just think she is misinformed and hasn’t read the bill,’’ Roberts said.
He dismissed Gillibrand’s argument that $4.1 billion in SNAP cuts would reduce average monthly benefits for 500,000 people — including 300,000 in New York — by $90.
“No, no, no,’’ Roberts said. “We’re not cutting anybody’s benefit.’’
The legislation would eliminate the so-called “heat and eat’’ program in which families who qualify for the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) automatically are enrolled in SNAP.
Gillibrand said the heat-and-eat automatic enrollment process was “designed for efficiency’’ and often includes families whose heating bill is part of their monthly rent bill.
“Losing $90 a month in food assistance may not sound like a lot to some people,’’ Gillibrand said. “But if you’re a parent who’s trying to protect your children and feed them good, wholesome, nutritious food, or a senior on a fixed income, it means everything in the world.’’


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