Coalition to demand mandate relief from Albany


A coalition of Westchester County residents, schools, businesses and local governments is launching a campaign tomorrow in favor of getting mandate relief, meaning they want the state to reduce the number and cost of programs and services they require schools and local governments to provide.

The coalition said in a news release that it will send a message to Albany: “Stop taking our power. Stop Taking Our Power to decide how our local tax dollars are spent. Stop Taking Our Power to grow our local businesses and create jobs. Stop Taking Our Power to educate our children. Pass meaningful mandate relief now!”

The coalition is launching a petition drive and social media campaign tomorrow to demand Albany take action. Speakers include County Executive Robert Astorino; Westchester County Association President William Mooney Jr.; and Lisa Davis, president of the Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association.

School districts and municipal and county governments and member groups, including the New York State Association of Counties, the New York State School Boards Association and the New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials,  have been asking lawmakers and the governor to provide mandate relief, particularly in light of the state’s annual cap on increasing the property-tax levy. This is the second year of the cap, which is set at 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is less.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a Mandate Relief Council, which submitted its first annual report to the governor in December.



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  1. Jackson Davies on

    Another phony press opportunity for Astorino. Media hound with his political patronage County payroll staffers on full time inventing this nonsense while collecting a NYS pensions working on his campaign for re-election from the County Office Building
    As if “Unfunded Mandates” is a new thing.
    Even Andy Spano was chanting about this and candidate Astorino used to deride Spano for doing so. Now Astorino is a hypocrite and does the same thing.