Nojay to Democratic assemblyman: “People in glass houses …”


Assemblyman Bill Nojay, R-Pittsford, Monroe County, is criticizing Assemblyman Sean Ryan, D-Buffalo, for calling out Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard for not enforcing the NY-SAFE Act.

Howard said he won’t enforce the gun-control law passed in January because he doesn’t agree with it. Ryan blasted Howard for it, saying “You’re job is to enforce the laws, you don’t have the liberty to pick and choose.”

Ryan said the law has important provisions that protect someone in the case of a domestic violence incident.

In a letter today, Nojay said Ryan should look to his own conference if he’s so concerned about women’s rights. He should call on Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, to resign after Silver was found in two reports to not have taken swift action when disgraced Assemblyman Vito Lopez was accuses of sexually harassing aides.

Nojay, a first-term legislator, opposes the SAFE Act and has called on Silver to be ousted as speaker. Assembly Democrats have rallied around Silver, despite calls for his resignation.

“At a time when the integrity of the state Assembly is undermined by multiple moral and ethical failings by its members from your conference, it is appalling that you would use a false, straw man attack against a distinguished law-enforcement professional with whom you obviously have political disagreements, Nojay wrote to Ryan.

Here’s the letter:

Sean Ryan Letter 052413 by jspector


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  1. Good job Assemblyman Nojay for defending the Sheriff and calling out the Democrat Assembly for allowing corrupt Democrat Leader Sheldon Silver to stay in power after trying to cover up the sexual harassment scandal of Democrat Assemblyman Vito Lopez and his aides with over 100,000 dollars of Taxpayer money.

  2. Mr Nojay , thank you for setting the record straight, Mr Ryan, you have no clue the hole you have dug for yourself. the people of the counties of new York state ,are watching, and we support the sheriff 100% ,as for you ,and your continued support of silvers. i dare you. silvers is protecting rapist and you are willing to help him, what is wrong with you. you and silvers should resign, your not fit for public office.