Ad: “Albany’s a mess … What’s our Sen. John Bonacic doing about it? Nothing” (Updated)


A group pushing for public financing of campaigns in New York is out with an ad today knocking Sen. John Bonacic, R-Mount Hope, Orange County, for not supporting it.

BonacicThe 60-second radio ad ties the scandals at the Capitol to the need for public financing — a connection that Senate Republicans have rejected.

“Albany’s a mess,” the ad says. “What’s our Senator John Bonacic doing about it? Nothing.”

The ad continues, “New York has real problems, but instead of fixing them, Albany politicians are too busy helping their campaign contributors. We need to get all this money out of politics.”

There was no immediate comment from Bonacic’s office. The ad was funded by the New York Friends of Democracy.


“When an organization, hidden behind some made up group name, buys radio ads demanding taxpayer money for political junk mail, all we can say is watch your wallet or purse,” said Bonacic spokesman Langdon Chapman. “Senator Bonacic would much rather spend $250 million on more teachers, instead of paying for political junk mail, predominantly of downstate Democrats.”

Groups supporting public financing have been running ads around the state, and now they are stepping of their efforts directly at specific Senate Republicans, who have opposed the proposal, before the legislative session ends June 20.

Here’s the ad:


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  1. “We need Public Financing Now”
    Yes NYS’s political tapestry is frayed and ready to come apart at the seams. Elected officials have a sense of entitlement, because all too many of them run in non-contested elections and now feel little if any need to be receptive to the voters input on the issues of the day. Public financing will lead to 40 to 50 percent more contested races in NYS, forcing elected officials to defend their records and compete against the new ideas challengers will bring to the table to improve our economy, etc. Ideas in many districts are non-existent and elected officials continue to promote local events during photo-opts as a substitute for those new ideas. Is it any wonder that Up-State New York which has been in the economic doldrums for decades is stuck with looking at Casino gambling as though it a job creation program? The Governors SUNY Tax Free Zones is a belated attempt to say he’s doing something for Up-State New York. At least it is that if nothing else. One thing it’s not is a comprehensive job creating program that will aid Middle Class families now in Up-State New York.

    Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

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