Hey, Andrew Cuomo! When are you going to Norway?!


Finally, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was asked the tough question on everyone’s mind.

After marching in the New Castle Memorial Day parade in Westchester County, Cuomo was asked by a man who identified himself as a member of the Norwegian media: “When can we expect you to come to Norway?”

Cuomo, who has famously vacationed exclusively in state — particularly in the Adirondacks and the Hamptons — since taking office in 2011, took the unexpected question in stride.

“Well, I would love to,” Cuomo said. “We’ll find a break in the action here when we can do some travel and we’re going to be planning it in the near future. But thank you for the invite.”

The exchange came after Cuomo’s marching partners sparked all kinds of political intrigue. He marched alongside former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. Clinton and Cuomo are often mentioned as potential candidates for the presidency in 2016, while Astorino has been pushed as a possible challenger to Cuomo’s re-election bid next year.

Cuomo was asked what it was like to march with Hillary. (He did so last year, as well. Cuomo lives in New Castle, while Clinton lives in Chappaqua.)

“It was a pleasure to be with Hillary Clinton today,” Cuomo told reporters yesterday. “I served eight years in the Clinton Administration. So it was a pleasure to be with her and reminisce. It was a great parade to participate in.”

Afterward, Clinton spoke about the parade. Here’s video from LoHud.com’s Terrence Corcoran:

(Photo by Sanjay Ramaswamy)


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