Delfim Heusler to announce run for Westchester Legislature


Delfim Heusler will announce Monday that he will run for Westchester Board of Legislators against Legislator Gordon Burrows, R-Yonkers, in District 15 in Yonkers and Bronxville. The Yonkers political blogger has run for office several times, most recently in 2011 against Burrows. He was in the news last year for leaking documents related to an investigation of public benefits provided to a nanny employed by District Attorney Janet DiFiore. Heusler is a registered Working Families Party member. Here is his statement on the announcement:

Delfim Heusler has announced his intention to run for Westchester County Legislator in the 15th District, if Heusler makes the ballot it would setup a rematch with Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows from 2 years ago, when Delfim received 285 votes on the Working Families Party Line in the 2011 Election.

This time Heusler is seeking the Democratic, Independence, Green and Working Families Party Lines. Delfim is registered currently with the Working Families Party.

The 15th County Legislative District encompasses Part of Yonkers and also Part of Bronxville.

Heusler loves the quote from Albert Einstein when it comes to insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Heusler sees himself as “The Change Agent” in this race.

 Heusler promises if elected, he will be a County Legislator for the full two years and not just come around every two years during election time, Like Legislator Burrows does in Mr Heusler’s opinion.

 He also feels it is time for a citizen legislator who will put the citizens of the 15th District first, Heusler strongly believes in Public Service not Self Service.

 Some questions that need to be asked: If you vote the same people in office due to their name recognition what will really change? Has your life in the 15th County Legislative District gotten better due to the actions of the Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows? The

question: Are you better off then you were two years ago?

 Heusler has been involved for the last twenty plus years in politics and as a community activist, currently, he is the owner and operator of The Yonkers Insider News Blog and also has his own radio show on Blog Talk Radio – The Yonkers Insider Online Radio Show.

 Heusler’s Campaign Platform will Focus on:

 An Open And Transparent County Government.

 The Creation of an Inspector General’s Office in Westchester County Government.

 Being a strong supporter of a women’s right to choose when it comes to Reproductive Rights of Women.

 Being a fighter for victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.

 Child Care that our parents in this County can afford.

 Decreasing the Tax burden for our Working Families in our County of Westchester.

 Making sure Constituent Services is a big priority of his office if elected.

 Returning the day of the Town Hall Meeting back to the 15th County Legislative District.

 Creating a Citizen Advisory Board of Citizen Volunteers on a broad range of issues to empower his constituents and make them equal partners in our Government.

 Stop the demonizing of our County Workers.

 End the Politics of Pessimism in our County and begin the new day of the Politics of Optimism.

 Exposing the Patronage Mill currently going on in our County Government under the Astorino Administration with most particular interest in the Department of Social Services and the dead silence of Legislator Burrows while this Patronage has been going on.

 When i ran for County Legislator two years ago and had a chance to talk about the issue of Legislator Burrows arrest in terms of coke substance being in the car during his arrest i decided to take the high road as did my Democrat opponent Theodosios Moustakopoulos against Legislator Burrows.

 But Let’s not forget that when the Police first approached Legislator Burrows car and they saw Legislator Burrows wiping a white substance from his car seat and Legislator Burrows tried to save himself by stating to the police: “I am a Westchester County Legislator and I could lose my job”.

 My question to the voters in this election, Does County Legislator Burrows deserve your vote for re-election with this lapse in judgment?

 One thing i know about myself, Delfim Heusler I would never be in any possession of any drugs, because i would always put my office first and i would never want to sully the reputation of my office I have too much respect for the office and the voters of my district to be involved in this kind of conduct. This is my statement on this subject and I wanted to be heard on this issue this time as the campaign gets underway.


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