Rob Astorino, Noam Bramson and Ernie Davis: Two candidates and a mayor


Big elections (like the race for county executive) in relatively close quarters (like Westchester County) can make for some interesting political choreography.

To wit: Around noon on Thursday, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, the Democratic nominee for county executive, appeared on the steps of Mount Vernon City Hall to accept the endorsement of the city’s Democratic Committee. Among those giving his official support to Bramson was Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest Davis.

Just over two hours later, Davis and current County Executive Rob Astorino, a Republican, descended the same City Hall steps to announce a policing partnership between the county and the city. Davis referred to Astorino as “my good friend.” Astorino thanked Davis “not only for your friendship but you partnership.”

Later, Davis said he’s always been results-oriented and has gotten along with Democrats and Republicans alike.

“I’ve been able to work both sides of the street,” he said.

He said as a Democrat, he’s got to support his fellow Democrats. A moment later, he said of Astorino, “I do like the guy.”

Asked for his assessment of the two candidates, he offered this: “I think we have two bright, young people. … Philosophically, I’m more aligned with Noam because I believe in preventive maintenance.”

Seconds later, Davis rejoined Astorino, the two of them climbing the steps into City Hall.


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  1. Money Earnin on

    Yeah right cause Davis is a visionary and a prophet. yeah Ned u sound just mesmerized by the guy. Hard to say who the bigger fool is. Maybe if you keep kissing up, the old crook will let you pay his taxes. Make some room for u in his pocket.

  2. Politics is an interesting game in Westchester County, the Independent Party give their endorsement to Bramson in hopes of landing jobs if Bramson were to pull an upset win. You have Mayor Davis who knows CE Astorino is doing a good job keeping the taxes down in Westchester but Davis cannot come right out and say how much he admires the job of Astorino, buy it is obvious in his actions.

    I think Rob Astorino has earned another 4 years simply because he kept to all his campaign promises and the most important one is he HAS NOT raised taxes. I don’t know too many elected officials who can say that, Noam Bramson cannot, he has a record of tax and spend as the Mayor of New Rochelle.

    Even though Democrats outnumber Republicans almost 2-1 in Westchester, the Westchester voters know when they have a good thing and many democrats will look past their party affiliation and vote for the best person to serve as our CE – Rob Astorino.

  3. Good work Mayor Davis. Too many people think the Democratic Party owns Black people. In fact, too many Democrats act that way. They want to tell us who we can talk too.