On second try, all but two school budgets in NY passed


Thirty-one school districts had a second budget vote Tuesday after their spending plans were rejected by voters last month. Only two failed.

The state School Boards Association said that 21 of the 32 budgets that failed May 21 sought an override of the property-tax cap. On the second try, all but three resubmitted budgets that stayed within the property-tax cap limit, which varies by district.

The three that still sought an override, which requires approval by 60 percent of voters, passed. The three overrides that passed included two on Long Island and one in Essex County.

The two budgets that failed yesterday were at Wilson schools in Niagara County and Remsen in Oneida County. The school budget in Mount Vernon passed by just 20 votes.

In Marlboro, Ulster County, the district didn’t seek a second vote and accepted the contingency budget — which doesn’t allow for any tax increase.

Districts wanted to avoid the contigency budget, which sets in if a budget fails twice. So they generally came in under their cap amount to avoid having to take a zero on their tax levy in the 2013-14 school year, which starts July 1.

Here’s the chart from the School Boards Association:

School Budget Revotes



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  1. JLCNY Member on

    If NY allowed HVHF for natural gas development, any area that had a well drilled would have the benefit of tax revenue in the form of the Ad Valorum tax. Locations that have gas development, including Windsor, with a pipeline and compressor station, have seen tax bill GO DOWN 4%.

    New York communities deserve the chance to develop their resources. HVHF is being performed safely, right now, in 29 oter states. Do not believe the tales of woe brought on by the Anti alarmists.