Latimer: Thumbs up to Cuomo’s Moreland Commission


A state senator from the lower Hudson Valley says he’s on board with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to appoint a commission to investigate corruption in New York’s campaign finance system.

Sen. George Latimer, D-Rye, Westchester County, issued a statement Tuesday supporting Cuomo’s commission, which the governor says he will convene under the state’s Moreland Act later this week. The act allows Cuomo to appoint a panel to investigate the executive branch, which includes the state Board of Elections, which oversees campaign spending.

“With the State Legislative Session now over, the lack of legislative action on campaign finance, the lack of any tougher enforcement on criminal activity (including the empowerment of District Attorney’s to investigate wrongdoing on the part of State legislators) has led me to believe a Moreland Act Commission is necessary,” Latimer said in the statement. “I congratulate Governor Cuomo on his tough stance and I support him moving as quickly as possible to make this oversight a reality.”

Cuomo threatened a Moreland Commission if the state Legislature didn’t act on his anti-corruption plan, which included giving district attorneys more latitude in prosecuting and investigating bribery cases, a bolstering of corruption and bribery laws and the implementation of a public matching system for small campaign donations.

Ultimately, Cuomo and the Legislature weren’t able to come to an agreement, with Cuomo signaling Friday that the Moreland panel would be unveiled within days.

Still, some have questioned whether the commission will have sufficient reach. The Moreland Act doesn’t authorize an investigation of the Legislature in particular, so Cuomo’s panel would be limited to the campaign finance system.


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  1. North of the Hutch on

    George voted for late term abortions & sits in the NYS Senate with fellow democrats from NYC, many of whom have been indicted on federal corruption charges.

    He’s accomplished nothing for lower Westchester or the Sound Shore area he represents during the legislative session that just ended.

    Just some food for thought the next time you see his name in the voting booth. We should be able to do a lot better than George Latimer.

  2. I respectfully disagree. I met him recently at an event he did in Eastchester and he was very nice. He was down to earth, respectful and intelligent. He was able to accomplish moving our fire district date, something Jeff Klein seemed uninterested in doing while he was our Senator. I’m a registered Republican and I support George Latimer.

  3. North…try the truth sometime. It might do wonders for you. LATIMER did not vote for late term anything….the lie that lives in spite of the truth. You want to eliminate a women’s right tho 60 per cent plus supports it. Fess up.

    Galls you that George continues to be liked and respected far above your pols, doesn’t it?

  4. North of the Hutch on

    Westmore, so long as Latimer’s contained and can’t do much harm I guess it really doesn’t matter. And I doubt the Senate Democrats that he sits with will be able to form a majority, heck a large percentage of them are crooks and are going to jail.

    And yes that 10th amendment was about allowing late term abortions. Educate yourself, stop lisening/believing the party line and form your own options. If you did that, there’s no way you’d vote for Latimer.

  5. North of the Hutch on

    Vsc1964, all politicans are nice so that’s not really something you should use to determine how you vote.

  6. North of the Hutch on

    With regard to Latimer not doing much for lower Westchester/the Sound Shore area, I just read something about $16 million of bullet aid the state senate is doling out to libraries & schools. Only a couple school districts from Latimer’s home district listed and plenty from LI & upstate so I’d say we’re getting screwed and aren’t getting our fair share.

    Go ahead and check it out for yourself,

    But then again, maybe Latimer didn’t stick around for the vote, it happened at 4 am and a year ago he couldn’t be bothered staying that late to vote on the govs. pension reform or the tax cap.

  7. North, you’ve made spilling venom about LATIMER a full time obsession. The school bullet aid was done on a partisan basis only Klein’s Fake Dems and the GOP Senators got money. The hilarious part of your vendetta is that Latimer is more popular today than a year ago. He is smart, and nice and open.

    Your problem with him is…… He’s a D E M O C R A T. Everything comes down to you want that seat in the hands of the GOP. Period.

    Unfortunately you thought you had it at the end of Suzi’s years and now you’re facing another long run of a Dem.

  8. . . .May be The Honorable Governor of The State of New York and the “Lower Hudson Valley” mentioned Senator who is “Thumbs Uping” should consider may be Appointing One HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller to lead ” an Independent Investigation Commission for FACT FINDING this Campaign Finance Matter in NY State!..

    HABIBHASAN of The United States of America. He is listed!