Katz seeks to clear the air on marijuana ticket


Assemblyman Steve Katz, R-Yorktown, Westchester County, spoke at length publicly today about his marijuana possession ticket in March, saying he was not impaired when he was stopped for speeding and allegedly found to have a bag of marijuana in the car.

“I was not arrested. I was given a ticket. That was number one,” Katz said on “The Phil Reisman Show,” a live stream on lohud.com. “Number two, in no way, shape or form, was I impaired in any way nor did the police ever indicate anything like that, nor have I ever in that circumstance.”

katz3Katz, the second-term lawmaker, didn’t address whether he was, in fact, in possession of marijuana as police alleged. A police report said Katz was found in possession of an eight of an ounce of marijuana and a test confirmed it was pot.

Katz accepted a plea deal in April, paid a fine and will have the marijuana charge dropped if he stays out of trouble for six months and completes 20 hours of community service.

Katz said he smoked marijuana in college.

“That’s almost like asking someone in the 60s if they held a flower against the war,” Katz responded when asked if he ever smoking marijuana. “I would certainly not be telling the truth, and I’ll be right up there with President Clinton in saying that back in my college days, certainly I had tried it … And I actually inhaled.”

Katz said he didn’t receive any special treatment during his court case and defended his public role. He didn’t say if he still smokes marijuana.

“As an assemblyman, in no way, shape or form, on any day ever, have I been anything but –in our medical terms – bright, alert and responsive for any moment of my responsibilities as an assemblyman or as a father or as a husband,” Katz said.

Katz this year voted in favor of the decriminalization of a small amount of marijuana and medical marijuana. He said his own marijuana case had nothing to do with his votes. He had previously voted against medical marijuana.

Katz knocked Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, for his role in the sexual harassment case against Assemblyman Vito Lopez, D-Brooklyn. He said a sexual-harassment settlement in 2006 against his veterinarian’s office was bogus.

“That case was a textbook case of why you need tort reform in the state of New York because the only victim in that case was myself and my wife,” Katz said.


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    Is this guy for real or playing the most sarcastic joke on Westchester taxpayers? What a joke!

  2. Assemblyman Katz will answer to the public in his next elections, he has to be kidding with his defense of smoking weed (marijuana). The Trooper said when he pulled him over he smelled the weed and Katz was on his way to the NYS Assembly. Could you imagine if his son or daughter gave him the same story he is trying to sell us. Maybe if he was on his way home from the NYS Assembly it would not be as bad, but he was going to vote on legislation that impacts the entire state of NY – this guy is a liar and he is scary. Katz attacks Silver for his positions, maybe Katz should look deep inside himself, he is a phony – go have a coke and toke.

  3. . . .I am lost! Lost in A Japerdy Baabe!.. Welcome to Pot Possessing Law Makers! No doubt, they say around here that They ” areRepresentatives of the People”!

    I think they mean the 99% of the People! Don’t ask me ask Pew Research Conducted Findings!

    . . .now say what!

  4. are you kidding on

    steve Katz did not answer the only relevant question and
    that is what was he doing with pot in his vehicle..
    there are three possibilities..1. he was smoking in his
    car at some point 2. he was carrying the pot to deliver
    to someone else 3. he was carrying the pot to be smoked
    by him at a later time……its true he got a ticket
    but that doesn’t answer the question of why he was in
    possession of pot

  5. Dr. Larry A. Maxwell on

    I was a strong suppoter of Steve Katz but no longer. I will vote for anyone who runs against him. This is why. Steve Katz was speeding on the Northway, he was in possession of marijuana. A police officer pulled him over for speeding, smelled the drug and Katz even gave it to the officer, and testing confirmed it was marijuana. He broke at least 2 laws: speeding and possession of drugs. Instead of apologizing and paying the fine for his crime. He plead to a parking ticket. Shame on the attornys and judge who allowed that. They should be debarred. The next week a mother told me she was telling her 17 year old son not to use drugs, and also not to speed. He said, it didnt matter because he could do like Steve Katz and just get a parking ticket. Shame on Katz, he who makes the laws, then breaks them, then manipulates them and then seeks to change them. Katz is one of the worst hypocrites in Albany and should resign. No one should ever endorse such a crocked corrupt politician as this.