Fair housing settlement: Westchester executive signs income discrimination legislation


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has signed legislation outlawing discrimination against renters who use government income such as Section 8 vouchers or veterans benefits to pay their landlords.

A federal judge said his signature was required on the source-of-income legislation under a 2009 fair housing settlement between the county and the federal government that requires the county to help build 750 units of affordable housing in mostly white communities. The settlement said the county executive must “promote” the law.

Astorino had vetoed it in 2010. He argued the veto was permissible because the settlement only referred to the bill in the 2009 session of the county legislature. The District Court said, however, that he had breached the settlement and a Court of Appeals panel upheld the ruling.

The veto was one element that led the Department of Housing and Urban Development to withhold three years of Community Development Block Grants and other housing funding. But a second, larger issue remains unresolved: the county’s analysis of local zoning.

Source-of-income legislation at the state level died when the legislature failed to pass the governor’s women’s equality agenda.

Here’s the full bill. His signature’s on the last page.


Source-of-income legislation, signed by eganga9839


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  1. What did I just read?. . Really! Reallllllly! Really! Here, one more time Really?. .

    So! This Guy will come last night and ” sign a discriminations etc., Law? Right! Buy some Toilet Paper Mister. What is this Politics or Truth? Very Shameless Act for Sake of Showing off that you Care For Black Americans?

    Let me ask ( HOW MANY PEOPLE ) can really spell . . .” the Plight of American Black Men and Women”? Today! Its 2013.

  2. Amanda Johnson on

    This is just a ploy as part of the Astorino campaign road show to now appear to be a moderate with the November election looming, while for the last three years he has proven himself to be a staunch tea-party extremist, stupidly trying to fight the ‘big, bad, Federal government’ over something that would help lower-income residents of Westchester – for whom we know he has the ultimate disdain. NOBODY IS FOOLED BY THIS. Astorino’s interest lies ONLY with the 1%’ers in Westchester – NOT you and me.

  3. What About the Hutch on

    Is it signed on Friday in the hope that no one will notice?
    Astorino cannot keep defying the federal government and the courts. He is desperate to stay in power in a progressive, caring, increasingly middle of the road to liberal, logical and very smart county and his tactics of appealing to emotions and false scare tactics will come crashing down on him.
    Not many more months to Nov 5 for sure.

  4. RealityCheck on

    Absolutely!!! Astorino is just wrong for Westchester – He really is not competent to manage this County, and the people he is relying on and who are behind him are just out for themselves, with little regard for the majority of the residents. Remember November!!!!!

  5. County Executive Rob Astorino is a smart man, he tried to stall and negotiate with the Federal Government for as long as possible to get a better deal for the residents of Westchester County. I know one thing for sure, Rob Astorino DOES NOT want taxes going any higher in Westchester. For that, all residents, regardless of skin color or party affiliation should be thankful.

  6. What about the Hutch on

    Astorino’s few supporters got the call late and their comments are at the bottom. At least they did not write them from the county computers as they usually do (or did they go in and will get overtime today?)