Cuomo OKs SAFE Act exemption for retired law enforcement


Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week exempted retired law enforcement officials from key provisions of the state’s new gun laws, signing a bill Friday that will allow them to possess large-capacity magazines and certain assault weapons.

The move didn’t come as much of a surprise; Cuomo had previously signaled he would sign the measure, and had previously pushed for it as part of state budget talks in March.

The bill had the backing of police unions and only applies to state, local and federal police officers and investigators who were trained in handling the firearms.

The bill was one of seven approved by Cuomo in the last week. He has to act on another 64 before the end of July 13, when the Legislature is expected to send him another batch of bills to consider.

Here’s the SAFE Act exemption:

Safe Exemption


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  1. I know, off the Way The “Prince” may govern in Putin! . . .But, Fortunately, This is America! The United States of America; I doubt that in Our Country one Governor can make not only Unconscious Laws so abusive towards The Constitution of The United States!. . . ( that ) the Dictum of ” Equal Justice Under Law” nor Our Nation’s Constitution” Supports or Prescribes”!

    I Respect The Law Enforcements of The United States, I have The Highest Regards to The Uniform and this ” exception of The Honorable NYS Governor” is not ” uniform” under the Law that is Required to Govern used by the Cuomo Administration!

    I disagree. And, Mr.Andrew Cuomo reminds me of British Prime Minister Chamberlain in America LOL!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller