The perfect gift for your caffeine-addicted, anti-fracking friends


What has a mild nuttiness, rich cocoa tones, a “deeply satisfying” body and is made with the “cleanest water”?

Fracktivist Blend coffee, of course.

Gimme! Coffee, an Ithaca-based coffee maker and chain of espresso shops, is selling the South American blend of coffee beans for $15 for a 12-ounce bag. Of that, $2 will be donated to “the anti-fracking movement in the region.”

From the company’s website:

“Did you know that every cup of brewed coffee is 98% water? Hydraulic fracturing (also known as “fracking”) is a controversial drilling method that poses a threat to water supply right in our backyard.”

The coffee company also has shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn to go along with two in Ithaca and one in nearby Trumansburg. The Fracktivist Blend also popped up in Uncommon Grounds shops in Albany and Saratoga this week.


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  1. How do they roast the beans,… natural gas.
    How is the building heated,… natural gas
    How are the beans transported,…petroleum, either by truck or cargo ship.
    How do they live,… in denial.

    Anti-frackers are LIARS

  2. 1. they dont use NG to roast beans. 2. building is not heated with NG.
    3.beans are transp with reg gas like you use for your car or in your case your pick up. 4. You live in denial of the real truth Dr.Theo Colborn, Proff. Ingraffea, Dr. Sandra Stiengrabber, THEY SPEAK THE TRUTH AND THE ONLY DENIAL IS THE CORRUPT GREEDY LIEING THIEF THAT YOU ARE ! ED, REALLY, GET SOME BRAINS OR COURAGE TO SEE WHATS REALLY GOING ON!!! (THAT IS IF YOU CAN FIND IT AT THE END OF A BOTTLE)!!!!