Rob Astorino kicks off upstate fundraising swing


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is in Buffalo today for a fundraiser and a discussion on mandate relief for local governments.

From today’s Journal News:

The two-day trip will raise funds for his current re-election bid, which will pit him against New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, a Democrat, in November.

“I was asked by some people I know in those areas if I’d like to come up and raise some money for my campaign,” Astorino said Wednesday. “It’s an opportunity to raise some money from different parts of the state that I could use in my county executive race, and I’m definitely taking that opportunity.”

Astorino will attend a fundraiser Thursday after speaking to a prominent Buffalo business group about the need for relief for local governments from state-mandated costs, a frequent topic of discussion for him. He’s also scheduled to speak to a newspaper editorial board.

On Friday, Astorino will head east to Syracuse, where he’ll address the Onondaga County Republican Leadership Committee and participate in private meetings before attending a second campaign fundraiser.

Top officials in the state Republican Party view Astorino as a rising star, with New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox frequently mentioning him as a possible candidate to take on Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, next year.

But Astorino insisted his upcoming trip is all about his current campaign and the issues facing county governments, not the gubernatorial chatter, which he called “very flattering.”

“I have a real election in November, and it’s costly in this market,” Astorino said. “We have to raise a lot of money to get our message out. That trip, with those different stops, is where the money is. And people have asked and offered to help raise that money, so I accepted.”

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  1. North of the Hutch on

    Bramon’s done nothing but raise taxes in New Rochelle while Astorino’s kept a lid on county taxes by not raising them at all.

    Is there anything else to discuss? I can’t imagine why anyone would vote for Bramson.

  2. There are two issues in this raise that are of great concern to residents of Westchester County; taxes and taxes.

    Mayor Bramson has raisd taxes 7% in New Rochelle just this past year when people are suffering and trying to make ends meet.

    Couny Executive Rob Astorino has kept to his campaign promise of not raising taxes and has NOT raised taxes in his 3 1/2 years in office.

    The two issues are taxes and taxes, who do you want to lead Westchester, a tax and spend Mayor or a County Executive who has proven that he can hold the line on taxes.

  3. Wow! . . .What is good for Aristotle is not for Jesse Jackson Jr.,! May be ” Obama’s Administration ” release Mr.Jackson to accompany this Man From Westchester!

    Want to hear a Joke? Last Presidential Election, when The Journal News Published a ” Frontal Page Nude Picture” from the GOP CONVENTION the HEADLINE read ” Aristina Meets Mitt Romney”! LOL!

    May be this Guy is a very famous Man or has someone on Payroll for writing and publishing his Poems. . .

  4. Jackson Davies on

    Heard that Astorino is taking credit for lowering taxes that in fact were lowered by the Board of Legislators. Heard that Astorino actually vetoed the 2011 County Budget from the Board of Legislators that lowered taxes 2.2%. Heard that the Board of Legislators in Westchester than had to override Astorino’s veto to keep their 2.2% lowering of the County taxes.
    Heard Astorino is a liar and takes credit where none is his doing.

  5. Suite Judy Blue Eyes on

    Oh, so now our taxes are paying for Astorino’s bus tour (campaigning) all across upstate? He’s campaigning on the County dime? Why am I not surprised. I feel bad for NY State workers if he ever becomes Governor.

  6. fool me twice on

    You can’t fault the guy for setting up his next move…his ambitions are clearly not to keep running (or destroying) a county government. Win or lose as county exec or governor, he’s clearly setting himself up for a tv job…which will earn him far more money than he’ll ever make as a two-bit politician.