Schneiderman to host community forum in Yonkers


UntitledYONKERS – State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and his senior staff will host a public forum at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 24, at the city’s riverfront library at 1 Larkin Plaza.

Topics will include environmental protection, labor rights, civil rights, health care and consumer fraud and protection.

To RSVP, call 212-416-6044 or email

Schneiderman held a similar event in Syracuse on June 25, spending most of the time discussing the roles and powers of the office of the state’s top lawyer, according to a published report.



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  1. The Contemporary History of The State of New York demonstrates that the Office of The State’s Governor
    eventually belongs to “. . .always the incumbents of The Office of The State’s Attorney Generals! ”

    Meeting Public is very good! But, the dust hasn’t settled down yet!. . . Let the Campaign begin!

    May be the “Political Parties Run and Monopolized Election Process of New York State” that ” actually is active and well without any Role of The Secretary of State or Any Other Checks and Balance Remedies of assured Fairness ” may let me say as a Joke that “. . . May be to safe the Millions of Taxpayers Dollars. . . Hey! why not just nominate and promote the NYS AG to The Governor Position!”

    ( Laughter ) !

    Well! Anything is Possible in The NYS ! The Apple has rotten way before when Rockefeller drove in a Junk Car accross the State Campaigning to associate with “poverty” here!

    Let the