Westchester exec race: Astorino endorsed by Hispanic Law Enforcement Association


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino was endorsed by the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association Tuesday in what is leaders said was an unusually early pick in the race.

“Today we decided we did not have to wait,” said Hector Lopez, the vice president of the association, at a press conference at Don Coqui restaurant in White Plains.

“The county executive has been a true friend of law enforcement, both Hispanic and non-Hispanic,” he said. “Westchester residents have been well served by his leadership.”

Astorino said he was honored by the endorsement.

“Government’s number one focus should be public safety, protection of the citizens, whether it’s a strong law enforcement in local communities, or state, or of course the federal government, to make sure we have a strong military to protect us here and abroad,” he said.

Lopez, a sergeant at the Westchester County Jail, said the largely Democratic organization endorsed the incumbent, Andy Spano, in 2009 but he talked through the pros and cons and convinced the members to support Astorino, a Republican, this year. The organization considers the individual and has endorsed candidates from both parties, he said.

Astorino is being challenged by Democratic New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson.

Photo: Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, left, chats with members of the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association before the group announced its endorsement of his candidacy Tuesday in White Plains.


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  1. You said; “Law Enforcement should not endorse candidates”. I disagree; I think law enforcement should endorse candidates who are strong supporters of enforcing the laws on the books and law enforcement and who vehemently oppose those who want to coddle criminals.

    Could you imagine what it would be like having all elected leaders being tax and spend liberals who believe in illegal drug use and being one with nature. Kind of makes me think of the 1960’s, everyone walking around smoking pot, streaking across our communities and being a flower power child.

    Law enforcement should stick with supporting candidates who they believe place the safety of the public front and center like Rob Astorino does.

  2. RJ! I think you do have a valid Point! And, I Respect Your Comments!. . . But! I am looking at ” The Original Intent ” of The Framers of Our Rule of Law and Constitution!

    Everyone can exercise The Freedom of Speech! But, for example, we all agree upon ” Judicial Ethics ” and Electioneering of Judges. . . .And, a Candidate for A Judge cannot take or give endorsement! So! The Policé Officers areThe Officer’s of The Law! And, My Considerations were actually based on that fact alone!

    But! Practices that are considered ” Normalcy ” may be contrary to the Cannons of Justice and Fainess!

    But! I agree 99% with you! Rule of Law and Punishment must prevail for containing Crimes and We do need good People for The Greatest Happiness of The Greatest Number

  3. Miranda Miguelito on

    Amazing to me that civil servants in law enforcement are endorsing a candidate who has proven, with his layoffs from Westchester County government, that he is not a friend of civil servants. Throwing money to the guy who is going to put other County workers on the unemployment line makes zero sense.

  4. North of the Hutch on

    Miranda, you have a very short sighted view. Government isn’t here to create jobs, it exists to create an environment in which private industry can thrive & create employment opportunities for our youth. You sound like you’re looking to get the most out of government when most us want the government out of our lives.

  5. . . . Not ( particularly) on “North of The Hutch”! But, in general People from The North always seems to think from the ” Right Side of Their Brains”!

    . . . Somehow! There is something that’s always been the case!, And, it’s like a Norm and doesn’t seems to be a coincidence at all to me!

    Concluding, Please accept My Compliments for Your Thoughtfulness! I am sûre James Madison must be smiling right now . . .had he read Your Discourse in this Blog.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  6. What About the Hutch on

    Typical Republican view: Govt only creates jobs when our friends in business are given tax breaks, corporate welfare, and incentives for bogus businessman claims of creating jobs. The hard reality is that the businessman gets richer and few to no jobs are created.

    Astorino says your pitch all the time Hutchman. He is steering millions to those firms who contribute the most to his campaign to stay in office and stay richer.