Schumer on tax reform

Sen. Chuck Schumer campaiging on Long Island in 2010.

Sen. Chuck Schumer campaiging on Long Island in 2010.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer says “significant revenues” must be part of any tax reform legislation the Senate Finance Committee considers.
Speaking at a Senate Democratic leadership news conference today, Schumer reaffirmed the position he took last year before the November election in a speech at the National Press Club.
“We have to have revenues as a part of tax reform,” he said.
Schumer is a member of the Senate Finance Committee.
The committee’s Democratic chairman, Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, has pledged to work on a so-called “blank slate” approach with his House Republican counterpart, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp of Michigan.


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  1. North of the Hutch on

    Mr. Senator, you’ve already got the revenue. Where are the cuts?

    Why is it that every Democrat wants to raise taxes or bring in more income so more can be spent while Republicans look to spend less 1st?

  2. Well! May be, if We The People of America. . ..were living in a Time 659 Years After “Adam” as mentioned in the NEW Testament and The Laws were such as they Prevailed during 1659 approximately!. ( True Historical Facts ).

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    But, considereding the FACT as Senator Shummer is claiming as The Lawmaker from The State of New York WHEREAS “. . . New York Sen. Chuck Schumer says “significant revenues’’ must be part of any tax reform legislation the Senate Finance Committee considers. . . ” is very astonishing!

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