Bramson endorsed by CSEA in Westchester exec race


New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson was endorsed by the CSEA Southern Region Political Action Committee Friday in his race for Westchester county executive in an announcement in front of the county office building in White Plains.bramsoncsea

CSEA Southern Region President Billy Riccaldo said the endorsement of Bramson, the Democratic mayor of New Rochelle, is one of the biggest the union will make this year in the state.

“We’re pledging right now to get boots on the ground, knock on doors, whatever we have to do, go across lines to get help, to make this happen,” he said.

The union, the largest in Westchester County government, has been locked in a stalemate with the administration of Republican County Executive Rob Astorino over its contract. Astorino has been asking for health contributions and the union has been looking for job guarantees in exchange. The union has also been hit hard by layoffs.

The Astorino campaign responded, noting that his staff and five other county unions contribute to health care.

“The CSEA refused. It’s no wonder CSEA bosses endorsed Bramson. Mr. Bramson is a politician who voted himself healthcare for life after just five years of service,” said Jessica Proud, a spokeswoman for the campaign.

Photo: Noam Bramson, center in tie, is running for Westchester county executive against the incumbent Republican County Executive Rob Astorino. He was endorsed Friday by the CSEA.


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  1. I welcome! The Candidate ( let me add ) only because ” The CESA’s Endorsing” I somehow trust the Jugement of The CESA President from The Southern District!

    Say Thanks to the CESA!

    The Reasoning is that CESA is kind of ” Required ” in the Way Current Candidates are reaching the Public Offices. .. And, soon after llanding in Federal Guests Housing ! LOL.

    I am considering CESA as ” actually a Replicated Check and Balance ” where the Political Parties Dominated Election Commissions in New York!

    Hey! Why not! Remember, I am An American Constitutionalist! My Country Always!


    And, then everything else. Tapish.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  2. Jackson Davies on

    This endorsement of Noam Bramson as the next Westchester County Executive is the logical choice from working men and women who appreciate a responsible and logical leader who is willing to discuss and resolve differences. From what we see Noam Bramson will act as a partner in the mission of serving the taxpayers, will not seek to divide different factions, wont be ignoring the law, and won’t be denigrating and vilifying the workers on TV talk shows.
    One last point: No one appreciates the current CE when he travels around on the taxpayer dime and creates lies in an attempt to distort legal court decisions he does not like.

  3. Better Westchester on

    Noam Bransom is the logical choice, not only for CSEA, but for anyone who works and lives in Westchester County. Mr. Astorino’s defiance regarding the housing settlement, his continuous defiance to fight with the Federal government, his continuous lies to the taxpayers regarding union negotiations, and his obvious support of the Westchester Business Association “calling the plays” and pratically running the county, clearly call for new leadership. Let’s make it happen on November 5th

  4. Amanda Johnson on

    It’s no wonder the CSEA union is endorsing Bramson. Go out and hear him speak during his town hall meetings over the next few weeks – he’s extremely intelligent, level-headed, and speaks about the needs of ALL residents of Westchester – not just the needs of big business. What a stark comparison to our current county executive! When every voter in the 99% of Westchester, especially those who now bitterly lament staying home in November 2009, go out and make the right choice this time, our county will be immeasurably for it. I’M WITH NOAM!

  5. eyes wide open on

    The statement in the article about Bramson voting himself life medical, spare me the melodrama. If I am corret all county politicians get that after serving just a second term. Where we the little people need to put in at least 20-30 years to get that. If you don’t get tossed out before. What about all thoughts that are collecting 1&2 pensions were hired by Robbie, even just recently. The county administration is so top heavy with number people and$$$ there many left at the bottom to hold them up.

  6. I have been reading “Eyes Wide Open” since a long time! In the Journal News back then!

    He has raised vaild points! Always does. . . but, what is there is The Good, The Bad, or The Ugly!

    What choice do the Voters? Will he keep his words. . . or walk The Similar Road that a Candidate in NJ started his Journey four Years ago. . . And is still walking ahead, but unfortunately with all My Support and Admiration towards him frankly I don’t recognise that Road anymore. . . He says its same Path, Bur its got so blurry after and before Sandy that perhaps, I can’t see any vision!.. . That I shared with him.

    But, its like dual interests at work!

    I am trusting the CSEA for The Call! Lets wait and see. . .

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  7. Bramson to CSEA: “No layoffs, no health care contributions, regular raises… you got it. Can I get your endorsement now? Great!”

  8. . . . Well! When I read what WKane has mentioned. . .I think, And, if that is the Case then CSEA has achieved what the Puppets in The Republican Party has failed!

    No? The Republican Candidate are acting like Indiana Jones in a Relic Movie that HBO keep playing over and over! And, the Spectators keep watching it like its the First Time they are making the Box Office! LOL

    This is the Status of at least the Opportunist in Local Republican Party in Rockland and Westchester; but Westchester Republican Party may have some hope. . . But, Nationally Speaking the Fart known as Cantor keeps backstabbing the House Speaker! May be he is so much power hungry condom that can’t even stand up!.. LOL

    However, The Democratic Party has time and again Proven that its the Party of The People! JFK was a Democrat and even Ronald Reagan!

    Just saying!

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  9. Eye's wide Open on

    Let’s rewind, if what Rob claims is true, that the county finances were in distress, WHY did he forgive $10,000,000 yes $Million$ there about, that Westchester Medical owed the county?? Think of all the people that would still be employeed with PLENTY left over. Why is the Rob administration asking for several hundred thousand dollars more money for outside legal services to deal with CON-ed and other large corp. when the County used to have people that ROB had terminated that dealth with those matters in-house at far less and probably much better results for the tax payers. Let’s not forget about the $50 Million Rob about to forgo because he doesn’t want to put the bus service out to bid. This is just a few morsals we know about, imagine all the other nonense we don’t and is costing or going to cost US the Taxpayers!!!! There are people in there Up there that do, it’s time to cleanse the soul. If you believe that our form of Govt. is the best in the world it’s time to show it, excercise your right to Freedom of Speech. Many, Many years I mean decades ago the Repubican party used to be for the people, I guess ever since it was determined that Corporations were a people thats who they look out for. You need to be worht a few scaroles for them to even look at you. I would appear that all the people that Rob and company have brought in, appointed, handed over control to manage are Inept, since it seems Rob now has to rely on and expend money on outside consultants.

  10. What Conflict? on

    Major Conflict and indicative of the hypocritical corruption in the Astorino administration: Jessica Proud is on the Westchester County payroll getting credit for a future NYS pension and works out of the County Executive’s Communications Office in the Westchester County office building at 148 Martine Ave while working on Astorino’s campaign and other political consultant campaigns.
    How dare she be the spokesperson for Astorino’s political campaign while collecting a Westchester County salary and getting a free parking space?

  11. Peekskill Voter on

    Good to see Duane Jackson at the announcement also. He is about to unseat Testa out of his position and will be the next County Legislator from the Peekskill area.

  12. RealityCheck on

    This was a good day for Westchester County residents, as we will have someone who is in independent thinker who will restore Westchester to its former glory. This was truly a good day folks!!!!!

  13. . . . apparently, the realities seems to be really checked good time by eyes wide shut! And, so see all that in that “Comment”. . . ! is so Perfect Account of How these Individuals operate and call it “. . . but that’s politics is all about!”.

    But! Let me tell You that’s not How The Original Intent of Our Constitution Prescribes!. . . And, they call me names and ridicule me, my person and what I write. . .

    Here! Its Your Duty To Obey The Constitution and I don’t have to give You any Justification when Asking All of Them to Obey it Standing at The Alter of God and Where I have Personally Solemnly Sweared to Protect, Preserve and Défend The Constitution of The United States of America!, What about You ? What happened under the Blind Governance of NY State Politics for just one example “. The Issue of Westchester Medical Hospital” was not the doing of only one lone wol LOL; its was a Joint and Collaborative Partnership from a Former Retired NYS Senator, His Successor installation and the Chief of Pimp ( I.e Chief of Staff ) travelling all around the Hudson Valley.

    No doubt Henry Hudson was confused when he arrived under The Tappan See Bridge!

    What happens to the Country is Whose Concern? Corruption has weakened The Republic to a great extend. And, yet the damage cannot be wiped off by a ” eventually a Plea Bargain” ! Where is the Honesty?

    I am really amazed that yet these People go for ” reelection” despite all they do and turn Counties as their Dad’s and In-Laws State after divorcing the Woman!

    Concluding! I am Single and Available ( only for Women, Please) But, hey I am no God. But. . . I hope one day I will have a Wife as Adam had Eve! You know ( no offence ) I am hard working American and God Fearing American who works 18 Hours a Day! And, all Business goes to only one Law Firm in Westchester County! Then the Congressman of The Bronx is returned the $60,000 Retainer when PRESS comes to know!


  14. Is this the same Bramson who the unions in New Rochelle can’t stand, especially the firefighters union. Go ask any firefighter in New Rochelle what they think about Mayor Bramson and you will find out that he is an anti-union Mayor. C.E. Astorino has settled most of the contracts with unions in Westchester who were willing to negotiate a fair give and take deal. The former CSEA President made a deal with a democratic candidate for C.E. who never made it to the C.E. race and she lost, she gambled big and lost big and now CSEA blames the C.E.. CSEA needs to sit down at the table and negotiate a fair and equitable contract like the other unions.

    The tax scorecard will decide the winner – County Executive Rob Astorino 0% raise last year and Mayor (tax and spend)Bramson raised taxes 7% in New Rochelle.

    C.E. Astorino has kept to his promise of not raising taxes and deserves all our support.

  15. . . . I never associated Myaelf ever since My Career bagan back 25 Years ago! I agreed nonetheless with The Who actually Made America, Fought its War of Independence, Established The United States and went back giving it all to his Farm. When, he was in Mt.Vernon We the People of the United States a New Nation asked and unopposed elected that Great Man as our First President at a time when there was no White House even Constructed! One more thing is when he wanted to ” Arrive in NY to take Oath of The Office of Public Trust; he had no Money to travel! He borrowed a few Hundred Dollars from a Friend and reached NY!

    For the Records, a similar fate continuously revolves around me. . .Since 2009 since I a YYear Prior established a Campaign Design Company in Rockland for using My Writing Talents ( for not selling My Soul to The Kings of American Offices of Public Trust” what transpired to humiliate me and Ridicule me is well now to a few many in The Rockland County’s Occupied Individuals who are almost like Permanent Fixtures of the Country or Local Governments or Incorporated Whatever! . . .

    But! Just look at the disgrace of the Time where what only for example Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner did are Candidates for Elections after a Break!..

    Seriously, the names and association that I have been given eat time! each time I Spoke For The Rule of Law and Constitution how I was associated can be well understood by looking up the English Language Meaning of the Words ” Sholom” and ” Salam”

    Go check it up! Look at the meanings of these 2 Words! What happened? Its surprising ? Sure! Why not! Guess what! The First word is from Hebrew and the Second is from Arabic! The First Word is ” Kosher” while the next one is ” Halal”!

    This is what’s going on! And, I respect both the words equally and the Meaning of both is ” Peace ”

    But! What are the ( at least one I know ) School District employed Teacher teaching the 17 Year old Kids? Go Research!

    The Current Supervisor of a Town in Rockland County’s area. . each time meets me always tells me his name and acts like he doesn’t know me whatsoever ! But, the 3 Second later the next Person he meets the total personalality changés and the sameindiindividuals who Regularly attend The Town Hall Meetings that Particular Supervisor talks very differently with those?

    I never understand why!. A majority of Individuals that attending Town. Hall at least the same Head Counts like mine for more than five years!. ..

    It really dodoesn’t matter which Party a. Candidate belongs to me! Never did or will! But, what I look for is The Difference Between Wrong and Right or Right and Wrong!

    The County ( any Country ) is not supposed to be used as a Private Club of Friends, Acquaintances and Who knows Who!

  16. Jackson Davies on

    The Westchester County Board of Legislators reduced the total county tax levy by 2.2% as part of the 2011 County budget (back in the last days of 2010) AFTER Astorino vetoed the BOL passed budget with that tax reduction. Astorino is on record as being against the 2.2 % tax cut.
    Now drones like K and Astorino himself go around inventing history to take false credit.
    The voters in Westchester have had MUCH TOO MUCH of a liar, an incompetent person, an administration that fires credentialed and experienced middle class workers to keep political appointees on the County budget, and a County Executive who argues with the federal HUD, the federal EPA, and the federal Transit Administration in ignoring rules, federal laws and policies.
    Come November this annoyance will be purged like so much bad gas.

  17. I like your thinking MetaphysicalPoet. Residents of Westchester County need to look at the economy and their taxes and then look at Detroit. Do we really want Westchester County to become a tax and spend county or do we want a leader who keeps our taxes down and looks out for the best interest of Westchester County and the Tax Payer? I will be sticking with Rob Astorino and proven leader who keeps his promise and has NOT raised our taxes.

  18. North of the Hutch on

    There’s no surprise at this endorsement as the unions (the government ones that is) aren’t going to endorse someone who’s been able to get wage & health care concessions from them.

    Bramson’s probably promising them all raises and would give them tenure if he could.

    What voters should be concerned with are the back to back 10% tax increases Bramson’s made New Rochelle residents endure. He claims to want sustainability, but his own tax increases has become unsustainable.

    And he’s about to give away millions to a developer while the rest of New Rochelle has to pick-up the difference so we can all expect 10% tax increases for the foreseeable future.

    To all Westchester County residents, to be fooled by Bramson’s rhetoric, he talks a good talk but the proof is in the pudding so check out his record in New Rochelle, it isn’t very impressive and you’ll only vote for Rob Astorino. That’s for sure.

  19. . . . a long time ago, I have always heard in the ” United States ” much before Obama that ” . . . the Democratic Party is the Party people”! . . .

    But! What I witnessed in Rockland County Republican Party and its Composition made me really understand why People say that . . .

    However, compared to Mr.Vincent Reda ( for whom I maintain great Respect; despite the Jokes I write on the Chair etc., And, each time I met him in RNC Mr.Reda always maintained cordial handshake! That is something that even behind him I must acknowledged and admiré about him and his Position.

    But, a few others around him really shocked me! I have never see so much ” hate ” surrounding them that can be called record breaking -.Particularly, by a Woman whose Husband cooks Noodles and She sells it ” for $45 a plate” they called it Fund Raising! And, if I can never forget when I met her first time! . . .

    I wrote it back then in The Journal News Comments when it happened!,

    The Democratic Party in Rockland is by the way replicating what the General Impressions of the GOP is. . . Its very strange! Never, feel comfortable associated to none. . . I always stand with the Country! I look for Candidate that is competent and cares for the Country!

    . . . that’s most important criteria for me personally! Now, one Candidate had chance to Prove his agendas. . . And, its YOOOO time for reelection not nominating a Dutchess of Cambridgeshire! LOL.

  20. Ray of Truth on

    Those unions that signed contracts from Astorino received hefty raises and are now paying A SMALL PORTION of their healthcare. The raises have not been included in the budgets, though, and that’s why Astorino is cutting child care and other safety net spending. He did stand up for his 57 political cronies now on the County payroll and making an average $97K a year. Nice work if (you’re a Republican) and can get it!

  21. Jackson Davies on

    Several times in the past, when arrogant politicians in Albany tried to “borrow” (their term) from the NYS Pension Fund, it was the UNIONS that went to court and secured the fund from robbery, political deals, dishing out election year funny money, and other political hi-jinks.

    It was also the UNIONS (your neighbors, your community volunteers, the guy who plows the snow, who fixes your roads, the hair net ladies who make hot lunch for your kids in school, who patrols the know them well since they do the work for YOU Kim and others who want to create lies about New York) that kept politicians honest by keeping the NYS Pension fund safe so that today, AFTER the billionaires and bankers on Wall St almost effed it up so bad that middle class taxpayers had to bail their sorry suits out, still has the HIGHEST RATING and is at the top of the most well managed pension funds in all 50 states.

    But liars will continue to spread rumors and other innuendo about New York because the crooked politicians in Detroit (and in New Jersey and other states) were not kept in line enough to insure that decent needed pension funds were kept straight and not used as slush fund for arrogant politicians.

  22. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Mr.Jackson Davis! I like that when you write “. . . But liars will continue to spread rumors and other innuendo about New York because the crooked politicians in Detroit (and in New Jersey and other states) were not kept in line enough to insure that decent needed pension funds were kept straight and not used as slush fund for arrogant politicians.”

    I think it’s accurate.

  23. What is Noam Bramson’s position on the Triborough Amendment. Is he a union buster, or a union supporter?