Cuomo: Laugh, don’t cry about Weiner


Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared the summer mayoral race in New York City the silly season and said, “We laugh because if we didn’t laugh, we would cry, right?”

Cuomo was asked today on Long Island about whether the troubled Anthony Weiner should continue his mayoral bid.

cuomoapphoto“This is summer political theater in New York. We laugh because if we didn’t laugh, we would cry, right?” Cuomo said. “People run. The way our system works is people have a right to run.”

He said he would not get involved in deciding who should run for office.

“I’m not going to say who should run and who shouldn’t run because that is the system,” Cuomo said. “Who wins, however, is different and that’s where the electorate comes in and the responsibility of the electorate comes in.”

Cuomo in May said “shame on us” if Weiner is elected. He later said his comment was a joke.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Well! As per the Politics On Hudson Blogs Headline; and, if I was drunk in Russian Vodka ( that I have no Problem boycotting unlike what newsflash I read circulating aroused LOL) , Hey! JFK ordered a supply of Cubans Cigars that I am guessing Bill Clinton ” used! ” ( not smoked! Used ) at The Oval Office Desk. . . Before signing the Presidential Executive Orders for ” Embargos on Cuba” LOL!

    Its ok to Drink ” Russian Vodka”! But, thanks to Ronald Reagan finishing The Soviet Union’s Communist Empire.


    And, I had to take The HONORABLE NYS Governor’s advisory on Anthony Weinering, I don’t need to do either as mentioned in the Press Report. . ..because watching the Offices of The Governor and Andrew Cuomo in it I am already crying since he took ” Oath of Office ” in a Private Room alone!. . .

    But! When he had won the Election, I was very happy and looking forward to welcome him. But, that told me something not good is coming and now its apparent all over the Press and Poetry. . .

    I think NY got fooled by the Elliott’s Attorney General!