Cuomo signs casino act, heads to voters in November


Gov. Andrew Cuomo today signed legislation that would create four upstate casinos if approved by voters in November.

The Upstate NY Gaming Economic Development Act is aimed at boosting tourism upstate, Cuomo said. The state Legislature approved the plan in June.

cuomo6“This new law will bring the state one step closer to establishing world-class destination gaming resorts that will attract tourists to Upstate New York and support thousands of good paying jobs as well as new revenue for local businesses,” Cuomo said in a statement.

The plan calls for a change to the state constitution to allow for private casinos in New York, which requires voter approval on the Nov. 5 ballot. The four casinos would be selected by a siting commission and would be located in three regions: the Albany area, the Catskills and the Southern Tier.

The four casinos would have gaming exclusivity in the state for seven years, and no new casinos would be authorized in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, New York City, or Long Island during the period.

Last spring, Cuomo reached deals with Indian tribes for gaming exclusivity in central, northern and western New York, including in the Rochester area.

The state’s nine racetracks have sought to expand their video-lottery facilities into full-scaled casinos. They initially balked at Cuomo’s proposal, but eventually backed it because it was changed to give them parity with any casinos that would located near their current gaming halls.

The plan also allows for two video-lottery facilities on Long Island run by Off-Track Betting.

Sen. John Bonacic, R-Mount Hope, Orange County, said he’s hopeful at least one casino in the Catskills can improve the local economy. He has wanted at least two in the region.

“Casino gaming surrounds us in other states,” Bonacic, who heads the Senate Gaming Committee, said in a statement. “By legalizing it in New York we can create thousands of jobs and allow for billions of dollars in investment. Gaming can substantially improve the Catskills economy.”


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Slow Down!,Cowboy!. . . “. Gov. Andrew Cuomo today signed legislation that would create four upstate casinos if approved by voters in November.

    The Upstate NY Gaming Economic Development Act is aimed at boosting tourism upstate, Cuomo said. The state Legislature approved the plan in June.”

    Although, I haven’t yet see this had the pleasure of reading this “act” of The NY State Governor, I am waiting for its official publication by GSA!

    But! I will remain very concerned of the Practices of THE NY State Assembly to a Greater Extend with regards to ” what is nationally considered practices of this House Law Makers” and the Corruptions and Dots that never gets connected by the USDOJ apparently. . . within upstate NY!, My concern is What does this act give, allows and maintain ( as Our Country’s Constitution ) does towards the Native Americans and Their Tribes?

    I think The NY Casinos must be given under the Native American command and control and less to the Immigrants ( because of ) the unaccountability prevailing around ” The Immigration Issue” unresolved and ” mutilation of Our Borders Security” as one “issue or mattress”!

    I think! Having said that similarly when they in local towns do studies for a mare putting a new traffic light a similar study is required commissioned by The US Attorney General and The Department of Justice!

    And, I am willing and available to conduct that Research.

    I am of the Opinion that’s a Constitutional thinking and right thing to do in this regards.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  2. Yonkers Annoyed on

    Yonkers is getting short shafted from the Yonkers Raceway casino. It is rolling in money and pays Yonkers a pittance. Time to renegotiate that deal and fast !

  3. Another no in YO on

    I will be voting no. The way Yonkers gets shafted in state education funding is shameful at best. And this is another slap in the face. Empire City has 1b in revenue and we still get less money than the upstate cities.

  4. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Yonkers’s Gambling is just a tiny mini miné mo compared to what’s cooking in this single stroke act of a Man who was formerly the ” Most Influential Man in the World”

    Let! Keep Yonkers separate from this Topic in the making!

    Its a Constitutional Matter! A Matter of National Significance and Respect.

  5. Regina Pellegrino on

    Big questions – who is on the siting commission, and what ties will we find they have to the sites picked?
    Also, why 7 years stasis on any others?
    If signed into law, could a lawyer with an interested party be able to have that part overturned as arbitrary?
    And i do agree a reading of it might shed some light, however very dim, since the legalize is only there normally to hide graft and corruption. Too much power in one persons hands …
    Yes, we will be given a chance to vote, but only on what the “hierarcy” allows a vote on.
    Should really be a resolution be brought up, by the people of ny.
    But that’s just one NYer’s opinion.

  6. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Pellegrino! You are right mentioning “. . . But that’s just one NYer’s opinion.”! Please know, as it is said that “. . . even if its “only one Person” and ” he or she” is Right. . . ! That’s a Majority.

    And, Your Comment and Views combined with the valid questions that You have raised makes me say that ” Yes! You are Right!. But, the dilemmas of the Present Century is that its beyond being right and wrong. . . Its apparently become ” not what the majority wants” rather ” what the US Dollars collected in the back pockets from unknown donors and spending it for favorable results ( without any Fear of Law, Country or God ) is the norm and normalcy of what they have taught the New Generations!

  7. I hope whatever the results of the voting, it will be for the common good. And I just hope that the legislation plan will be successful since the four upstate casinos sound good and boosting tourism sound promising. I also hope that the casinos will create more jobs and increase tourism and not to spread gambling and other side effects.