Meanwhile, at the Dutchess County Board of Elections…


… felony and misdemeanor election law charges are flying by the dozen.

franknappFrom the Poughkeepsie Journal:

A sitting election commissioner and a former election official have been charged with dozens of criminal charges involving alleged violations of election law.

Democratic Election Commissioner Fran Knapp (pictured) and former Republican Election Commissioner David Gamache pleaded not guilty in Dutchess County Court this afternoon.

Knapp faces 46 felonies and 48 misdemeanors. Gamache faces one felony and three misdemeanors.

Knapp’s charges include several counts of misconduct of an election officer and making an apparently sworn false statement, class E felonies. She also faces misdemeanors of official miscount and offering a false instrument for filing.

Gamache was charged with one count of misconduct of an election officer, a felony, as well as misdemeanors of official misconduct and offering a false instrument for filing.

They waived reading of the charges in court and were released on their own recognizance.

The PoJo first reported in April that a grand jury had been looking at corruption in the Board of Elections.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    So! What do you say now? Remember! When I wrote what exactly going on and what I observed and called it “. . . The Modus Operandi” ? I am glad that The Federally saw it too. However, locally ( someone in Rockland County Election Commission said to the former Commissioner that ” . . .she doesn’t know me! she lives in Pearl River and has never seen or heard of HABIBHASAN! , and told the Election Commissioner that I am not a Journalists!”

    Well! Yohooooo! What do you say now? But! The Election Commissioner still knew me and gave The Hamilton Newsletter, a Commercial . . . And, acknowledged My Writings, Respected Me and Gave Me an Interview too.

    And, told me! Don’t worry I don’t believe her! ( that time that woman was in the Rockland Election Commission) .
    But! Apparently, after I left and did the Final Copy about to Send for Printing! I received an email and a Phone call from the Commissioner herself regretting that she will have to withdraw the Commission’s advertisement that she had approved. Now, that ” Woman” is still in the Commission! She was just ” against me ” for reasons best know to ” the God We All Americans Trust In” !

    I as it is remaining Honest established The Hamilton Newsletter!,Printed and Launched the First Edition on 4th of July as an American Newspaper!

    Now! In Dutchess County ” pleading guilty ” doesn’t surprise me of the firsthand knowledge and experiences that I suffered and continuously suffer!

    Its all on Public Records! Now! I am thinking that hope its not ” illegal” to be HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller ” in The United States, if that ” Woman at Rockland County Election Commissioner Office has never seen me and she and I live in Pearl River”

    I am nice! But, not stupid! You know. . .

    Who has the 27 Millions US Dollars earmarks that the dead Senator bring to Jawnoo in Spring Valley, NY,

    HERE,I am not sure why would he took ” Oath of Office” over there? All the time. Why am I a lesser American or need to be an exclusive Community Member to get business in Rockland? I own three pairs of Shoes that opened up walking in Rockland County and continuously getting insulated! Not, a Single ad received over here !

    Why! Why did I stop writing Comment in The Journal News? What did Patch called me, when I wrote over there? Why am I nothing because a ” boy ” who was not even conceived since I started writing!

    You have no idea what ” that little boy” called me! And, most important is what ” exactly I had written “? I checked it and showed to Jurists,, they didn’t find it what ” that boy ” named and humiliated me!

    I have integrity that Money cannot buy! I never sold myself . . . But! I am deeply happy that the wind is blowing from the North!

    God Bless America! Thank God. This came to the doors of check and balance! I am so happy!

    With love to all in the South! Hello again!