Theotokatos to meet voters in Yonkers 4th district


TheotokatosYONKERS — Democratic City Council candidate Tim Theotokatos will hold a meet-and-greet public forum from 1-4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3, at Raceway Pizza and Ristorante, 775 Yonkers Ave.

Theotokatos is seeking the 4th district council seat held by GOP incumbent Dennis Shepherd. Also in the race is Westchester Community College student Brandon Neider.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . . where in Yonkers? Greece! LOL.
    Does this Guy Respect US Constitution as I do?
    Just checking!.. .

    Although, I will not ask where are ” You ” From? As a few in Rockland County ask me wearing clothing from like a movie set! May be its not ” Halal ” to look oneself in the Mirrors before pointing figers at HABIBHASAN -An American!. . .

    I very Respectfully tell them. .” . I am From The United States ” And, Constantly You know first they ask me and Iam ttelling them and they reply “. . . No! ” as I may have cursed them!

    Why figure it out! May that’s the new meaning of ” belonging to a Patriotic Family!”. . . ?

    Let’s ask Russians! Right!

    Give me a Break!

  2. Habibishanmakesnosense on

    Not to sure what your implying, but you sound very ignorant. What is the problem with a Greek American running for city council and why would that be the issue. Shouldn’t the focus be on the issues and what his platform for change will be? Relax your panties habibish with your ethnic idiotic banter!

  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Madam! Actually!. . . I am a Man ( as Described in The Book of Moses, Jesus and Mohammad ) and, I without Any ” arrogance” , Bias, Judgement or Prejudice have no problem with what ” . . .today’s men in America are wearing during and after work!

    But! Sir! I don’t wear ( as described by you in Your Comment ) ” Panties” ! For FYI!

    Before, Passing Judgement upon me why don’t you and Your ” Greek Buddy” FOIL the US ATTORNEY OFFICE in The Southern District and ask what I have suffered in Rockland County from ( similar people who disguise America as ” Americans” . . . And, what happened each time I established an Office in this Part of US SOIL !

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    I am a Constitutionalist! I kept Public Records each time After 2009 I started letting ” The Law Enforcement ” know! And, I was told that ” its Free Speech and The People who made My Life Miserable and Used the Town Hall Department to shut My PRESS can do that!

    My last day leaving packing up My Library and Office I was laughed at, taunted and I again called ” the Police ” to Report the Constant Harassment” even when I was rolling up! I felt I was in China and Not United States! Someone,yelled at me saying ” so! You are leaving! Right. So take Your Stuff and Get Out! ”

    Everything is well documented in NEEDS TO KNOW in Washington DC. But!,I let everything go. Only because besides ” Borrowing Your Phrase ” Panties” there is a vast majority of Men like me The American American in this Town.

    And look how fast you are jumping at me!

    Concluding, NOW Please recite what is HABIBHASAN – An American Storyteller? And, who is engaged in damaging My Reputations and For What?

    . . . all I hope is that not because I am not Greek! Right.
    I mean or meant no disrespect to The Candidate or His Campaign or Person! Just! Trying to comprehend Constitutionally what is Good and Accepted for Example Mr.Elliot Spitzer and Mr.Anthony Winer may not be applicable for Mr.HABIBHASAN- An American Storyteller?

    What is that called ” Hypocrisy” or Equal Justice Under Law – hopefully not under the scriptures!

    That’s all! I am an educated American! And, have a mind too you know. . . .

    Again! I am just having an intellectual discourse based on AACTUAL FACT as example! I never lie You know.
    And, I am Sorry,if You feel that way.

  4. Habibishanmakesnosense on

    Don’t use your bad instances and experiences to cast a bad light on this candidate through your ignorant remark, don’t take what happened to you and pass it on and make a judgmental comment is all.

  5. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I am now getting a ” Reasonable Doubt” that You still are adamant about what is the ” Pré-Set Modus Operandi” of ” What ” America has been turned into by “Pick, Choose and Apply” Patterns after The Victory because of American Involvement! May be You didn’t or are not willing to accept The FACTs that I have raised as not as You may twist it to make it ” appear ” an instance what I am describing! And, even wrote that I used it as a REAL LIFE PATTERN AND FACT BASED example. And, that’s nothing to do with ” Ethnicity” perhaps is not suitable in the case of Your Candidate during elections! . . . I am too knowledgeable of everything in State of New York! State Detectives have told me that ” . . .it seems that I know more than many and done My Homework well! ”

    Why? Because, I am Straightforward Honest! You don’t want to confirm My Level of Honesty with The United States! Feel Free ask the Country and Soil.

    I have been directly involved personally in Several Election Campaigns since 1980s. I have seen witnessed it what the Present 25 Years Old havevnot even read or heard about events that shaped and Shaping the 20th and this Century!

    You will take it differently, had Mr.Henry Kissenger, Senateor Rand Paul & Son or Senator Son of America had narrate what I asked!

    Alas! Different Standard For Different People! OJ never got the Sentence, but Jesse Jackson Jr is serving Punishment!

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    I never disrespected Your Candidateor his Campaign, I expressly worded it. But, it hurts you to see ” the actual truth” ?

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    Let me help you to easy the Pain I caused Google the Légal Usage as defined in The FBI Manual . . . What does ” Enterprise” in Criminology means? Don’t be Disappointed I am going to tell You a very minute observation. . . The Counties of Westchester and Rockland are operating almost fit to the FBIs Definitions of ” a Criminal Family Enterprise” in Broad Day Light!

    How can say a ” specific # ” of so and so individuals in and around all dealings! Do you read what happened in Dutchess County?

    I have no Problem with “. . .what they claim every step from a Household to a Block Multinational or Cultural Ethnicity! Hey! Enjoy! Party! But, where is America that no Founding Fathers ever claimed they were 1, 2, 3, 4 or five exclusively entertained Multicultural Ethnicity of America?

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    That exactly My Point!

    And, wish You and Your Candidate Best Success in and during Your Campaign.

    HABIBHASAN- An American Storyteller.

  6. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Look! ” Carlos Danger” seems like replaced by “Panties Wearing Men”

    ( Laughter) !

    I saw an ” Attorney” back in the days in A Very Important ROCKLAND COUNTY Office of PUBLIC TRUST dressed in a Female Clothes sitting regularly at a Night Club in New York City back in the days. . .

    Go confirm! I am a very well informed Guy!