HUD closer to reallocation of Westchester grant funds; Aug. 29 deadline (updated)


The Department of Housing and Urban Development, which has held back three years of community development grants from Westchester County over its compliance with the 2009 fair housing settlement, is a step closer to reallocating $7.4 million in grants from 2011.

HUD notified communities in the New York metro region Wednesday that they might receive additional block grant funds that were previously allocated to Westchester. And HUD has said the money could be reallocated by Aug. 29, according to a letter sent July 29 to Judge Denise Cote, who is overseeing the housing settlement, by an attorney for the county.

“We are currently in the process of informing these communities so they can prepare to utilize these resources in the event that they become available,” said HUD Deputy Secretary Maurice Jones.

If they are not awarded to a community by the end of the federal fiscal year on Sept. 30, the funds will be returned to the treasury. The letter to Cote also says the county may file again for injunctive relief given the impending deadline. It was denied a stay in April.

The announcement came as the monitor overseeing the housing case, James Johnson, released a study of zoning in Westchester designed to break the impasse over the settlement and free the funds. Click here for a story and links to the reports.

The county rejected the monitor’s conclusions and called for the release of the grants.

“The County Executive once again demands that HUD release the $17 million it is arbitrarily withholding from our local communities,” said Ned McCormack, a spokesman for County Executive Rob Astorino. “There is no reason for HUD to continue to hold this money hostage, which is designed to help our neediest residents.”


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . .and! I believe it.. . . Right! Where is this going to go ?

    “Overseas” by those who are in the Professional Third Generation State Welfare Collection” ?

    Under the Disguise of ” The Skin Color of The Black Americans” whose Plight remains the Sufferingsand $700 in SSocial Security Payment being 65 and above.

    Well! What can I say “Politically Correct”! Enjoying the ” Pavement ofClaClassic Classification of now being considered as ” . . .the undocumented”!

    What You want me to Write Poetry for HUD?

    Where did the ” Mortgage Fraudes” stem from remember?

  2. November Five on

    Shame that Westchester (because of Astorino) is being tarnished and made to look so inept and so bad in this matter. Instead of seizing this opportunity to use this to advance needed affordable housing for working people who are striving to improve their status, through work, the present Westchester administration, in Astorino and his handlers, is using this as a social wedge in his desperate tactics to get re-elected and hand on for further mistakes for Westchester.
    Evidently there is not a law or an advancement program for working poor that Astorino likes.