Westchester fair housing case: Officials, candidates react to report on exclusionary zoning


After James Johnson, the monitor overseeing Westchester County’s fair housing settlement with the federal government, released a report this week saying that seven municipalities in the county have exclusionary zoning, officials and candidates put out statements in response. Below are ones from Noam Bramson, the Democratic candidate for county executive, and Legislator Ken Jenkins, the Democratic chairman of the Board of Legislators from Yonkers. Click here for a story on the towns’ reaction:

Noam Bramson:

“The report of the housing monitor narrows the challenge facing Westchester, giving the County an opportunity to put the settlement behind us and shape a sensible housing policy that benefits all people in the region. But this will require constructive, collaborative leadership, not the shameless scare tactics and falsehoods consistently offered by Republican Rob Astorino.”

“The County Executive’s obstructionism has already needlessly prolonged this dispute, costing taxpayers millions in lost grants and frivolous legal expenses, with tens of millions more at risk. Moreover, Mr. Astorino’s absurd claims — that the County must eliminate all local zoning and spend $1 billion on new housing units — have now been utterly debunked.”

“Instead of continuing this losing and deceptive strategy, the County should work with the municipalities noted in today’s report to gather accurate information, provide professional assistance, and ensure that additional actions, if any are eventually required, reflect sound planning principles and uphold local interests.”

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Ken Jenkins:

“County Executive Rob Astorino asked Mr. Johnson to help resolve the impasse with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and now that the County is in receipt of this zoning report, the Administration should immediately develop a plan addressing the monitor’s findings which can be included in the County’s Analysis of Impediments.

“Simply, Mr. Johnson has provided Westchester officials with the necessary information that will put the County on the road to full compliance of the housing settlement and thus stop HUD from reallocating more than seven million dollars in Community Development Block Grant funds meant for our communities. In reviewing the report, it seems clear that the County can work with the seven municipalities to address all of the issues raised. Right now, HUD simply requires substantial assurance of a plan.

“Because County Executive Astorino responded with Source of Income legislation to prevent personal fines and jail time and throwing the County into contempt of court, I’m again confident he will move forward with a plan to meet HUD’s requirements for an acceptable Analysis of Impediments. Time is getting short, I’m afraid, and our communities will suffer needlessly if the County Executive continues to play chicken with Westchester’s Community Development Block Grant funding.”



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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Really! Let’s all read loudly and together as mentioned in the NEWSREPORT “. . . and shape a sensible housing policy that benefits all people in the region.. . . ”

    And, please tell me which County Executives, Town Supervisors, Mayors etc., etc., want to sit down with me in a PUBLIC FORUM that must be BROADCASTED Live onNNational Television!

    Particularly, in Rockland and Westchester Counties! For beginners, let me highlight Your Coordination of Hypocrisy with regards to the Town and Villages that I have been in and around for more than a past decade! What I see for examples is the ” Laws that Real Agents” are Required to ” Obey and Follow” with regards to ” Housing or Living” in America and The United States are ” actually practiced ” in what manner! For Example! The Hamlet of Pearl River, NY a Town in Orangétown New York and Chestnut Ridge, NY and Nyack, NY!

    The ” American Black” is ridiculed for ” being a Brother ” joked with Harlem,New York Identity! Pearl River is in Broaddaylight of The Sun Shine of The United States and Its Constitution is called by many as ” Oh! Yes! Its used to be. . . A Very Prejudiced Town! When,a Building was put in the Market ( read the Comments that were flying in The Journal News ) regarding ” not letting the Jews move in Town of Orangetown” where as I am not wrong to bring to the Attention of What’s young on in Westchester is almost similar like I have Personally witnessed and Documented in ” Trust me Public Records at Federal Level” of the happenings that transpired during 2009,2010 and still carry on in candle lights inside the Town Halls and Their Respective Particularly The Committees that include ” forever and almost Permanent Appointments of Individuals who hold Town and Public Trust Positions of Law and Conflicts of Interest!

    This Equal Housings Issues are ” Ace ” cards that ” the local ” Public Test ” individuals I have no clue ” use to abuse. And Perpetuate” their Private Interests to ” make money , abuse the law and Perpetuate their colorful skins make- up to fool and ” Abuse The Federal Laws”

    Now! When caught they get ” Plea Bargains” and apparently everything get a Hajj, Wailing Wall, or a dip at a Ganga River ! Now, what can the United States do?

    If anyone think that the illegal activities that damages the soils is repaired because of because! I doubt it!

    Trust me! There is no repairing with the same repairmen! It doesn’t work that way

  2. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . . this is how I would have said ( for example ) reading what the 2nd Comment reads!. . .

    I will say: No! We are not going to be ” Detroit ” ! Ask ” Mayor Young! Why happened over there! I think it was actually a “Trailer ” of ” The Movie currently, not in the Theaters Near You. . . rather, in Box Offices ( LOL ! ) of The Obama Administration in The White House !

    . . . Box Office Unprecedented $ 161 Trillions that keeps growing. . . with a Commission of $14 Billion! And, what’s going on ” under a man-made Government Agency called, HUD its compliance pimping and Law Suits, Settlements with Plea Bargains and what is now , as we Speak ” advertised as a Fresh Start” ! . . . .

    Oh! Yeah! . . . .

    Concluding! I will say : No! We are not going to become ” Detroit in 10 Years! Rather, in Past Ten Years America became or becoming ” Detroit” !

    My arugument is based on the logic!

    Look! America was not in Detroit. . . Détroit is in America!

    But, these ” so-called Political Cronyism thinks something else! Read! What they are saying! What logic is that to ” Pressure ” neighborhoods to ” implying ” dissensions. Laws of The United States and The Constitution clearly states to unify not applying ” Laws ” and PARTICULARLY since Second World War established and totally consolidated practices of a County where the Pourch has an American Flag Outside and Inside are Passports of Multiple Foreign Countries!

    Countries may have 5 Towns; but, those Five Towns are so segregated that, it Scares Me as an American! What are these People doing! There was a US Army General on May 29th Delivering An Address as Chief Guests in 2010 or 2011. . . he was not from the ” Area ” and he said ” the same thing ” what I am making an observation in this Comment! . . .

    This is The Union of The United States, the ” Blocks ” must respect it ! Its ok to be using the Block as a Stepping Stone to Enter The Limelight ! But, turning the ” Block ” inside ” Sovereign United States ” in unfilled ” promised or deceived ” dreams is something else!

    It affecting Our Country’ s National Security, where there seems to be ” so big concerns ” ( as the Recent Episodes Played in The PRESS of the events in CIA to NSA -.They say Snowden comes from a ” Patriotic Family ” !

    Now! figuré out!. is that righttttttt! Wow.

    The National Security is so much talked as the Flags in The Pourch! But, seriously, tell me Where is the ” Nation” ?

    These types of Municipalities conducts hand in hand with ” Agencies ” or ” Agency ” as its unfolding in Westchester right know hurts and clandestinely damages The United States! You read the News as I do! Ask yourselves. Why.

    The Rule of Law and The Constitution clearly defines in times of this kinds of issues and matters how to handle it! Its the Whole Document about.

    Dissension is not the answer! Nor just grab it ( Call up Mayor Young of Detroit! Why did the largest exodus of The White Population occurred over there in the History of The United States ?

    Was that ” actually an example of How ‘ the so popular CHANGE WE BELIEVE( ed) in ENDS? ”
    And, this needs Research with Parallel Comparisons! I can do a simple Fact Find, for THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT review. But, I lack in Funding . But, based on what the Present Attorney General is hoping his ” Legacy ” to be ( I.e. Civil Rights ) . . . I think its time where ” Dr.Kings Ideological Dreams ” and besides the ” character” of men and women; the ” conscious of character” needs to be played in slow motions for me mode! And, the Immigrant Black Inhabitants of America, never forget the ” Sufferings of The American Black Men and Women”!

    And, that’s the benefit that will remain doubtless and strengthen Our Country and Unite The Nation.

    God Bless America.

    HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller

  3. Jackson Davies on

    This is an opportunity to move forward with control and community input. If the municipalities leave this matter to Astorino we will all be paying HIGHER taxes to pay fines and we will have housing built without any community involvement.
    Stop the obstruction Astorino !

  4. Regina Pellegrino on

    These are the ravings of opportunists following the experiment against not only Westchester County, NY, but also against our own democracy. The rights of the people to the pursuit of happiness. And a part of that pursuit has been to work hard, save your money, buy a home, and practice your own faith.

    None of this included handouts by the govt, or restrictions upon local rule of law, or zoning..eg. micromanagement by the govt. That’s why we left Europe!

    This is Obamas test socialist case to force giving land that those who have hard to attain and maintain to those who have not.
    There have been many parables and childrens stories about the hard worker, and the “slacker” (for lack of a better word). The wheat and the chaff.
    And many current disasters of his vision such as Detriot –
    It is not just thst some people are unfortunate in circumstance, many from “those”families have pulled themselves up the old fashioned way through hard work and study, while others from the same family may have not.
    I know from personal experience.

    So, these big mouths, who have agendas against County Executive Astorino, who have done their best – yes their very best, to paint our County as prejuidced
    To cost us, THE TAXPAYERS, MILLIONS with frivilous lawsuits against ourselves (which they have lost), and paddedthe taxroles with their henchmen, better think twice at election time.