Westchester Community College budget hearing Monday


The Westchester Board of Legislators will hold a public hearing on the 2013-14 budget for Westchester Community College at 10:30 a.m. Monday at the county office building, 148 Martine Ave., White Plains.

The budget plan calls for no tuition increase next school year. Last year, tuition was increased 3 percent to $4,280 a year, not counting fees. About 14,000 credit students attend the college.

The administration of County Executive Rob Astorino has agreed to increase the county contribution to the college for 2013-14 from $27.8 million to $28.7 million. The total operating budget is $122.3 million, of which $55 million comes from tuition and $32.7 million from state aid.

Click here for the proposed budget.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Whatever these ” Hearings” particularly on budgets are conducted for; the ” increase always ” occurrs. . . .

    Now, what’s the remedy for this ” process only” for two reasons:

    1. The exact ” Curriculum ” that the Students are taught that ” Mr.Mathama Ganhi ” was a better leader than American Founding Fathers?

    Shame! On those who take ” credits ” and use American Dollars and Pay themselves Huge Salaries and Big Titles under the name of Education?

    Lets do an Investigated Research! How many Students are well versed in US Greatness and History?

    Be Honest! Let learn Free Speech in a Democratic Society! Ready , Set, Go!. . . .

    This is a direct sabotaging endeavor ” what is Going on in Schools ” and how ” American Values and Continent” is being lectured in class rooms with Teaching in some Foreign Language Accents in New York.

    May I ask why? Any explanations. . . .